Home World News Galilea Montijo won Big Brother VIP, this was his reaction when he received the news

Galilea Montijo won Big Brother VIP, this was his reaction when he received the news

Galilea Montijo won Big Brother VIP, this was his reaction when he received the news

Galilea Montijo won the first edition of Big Brother VIP MexicoCredits: Photo: Special

Currently, Galilee Montijo She is one of the most famous and favorite hosts of Mexican television, it is not for nothing that we see her in many projects and the next one that is about to be released is “The Home of Famous Mexico”this time the Guadalajara will live the experience from the outside.

And it should be remembered that in 2002who was then the presenter of the program “Life on Television”, was part of Big Brother VIP a reality show very similar to what it will be “The House of the Famous Mx”at this moment Galilee Montijo It turned out to be the winner of this contest.

Galilea Montijo in Big Brother VIP

Throughout the history of the reality show of our country, Galilee Montijo She was the only resident of the house who was never nominated during her stay, so the host never knew what it’s like to live with the stress of being about to leave the reality TV-show.

During your stay at Big brother VIP Gali, In addition to demonstrating her authenticity to her peers, it was in this project that she ended up having her audience fall in love, which earned her the most votes to be crowned the winner.

And it is that Galileo She always showed herself as she is, which meant something very important to her peers and the public, because it was so natural with which the host showed herself in Big Brother VIP that for a moment he forgot that he was guarded 24 hours of the day by cameras and microphones that on one occasion while bathing she taught “extra”, it’s one of the actress’ most memorable moments too.

Here’s how she reacted when she found out she was the winner of Big Brother VIP

In addition to Galilee MontijoIn this first edition of Big Brother VIP, Galilea shared the house with other celebrities for 29 days as Luis Gatica, Víctor Noriega, Nailea Norvind, Laisha Wilkins, Lorena Herrera, Alan, Arleth Terán, Alejandro Ibarra, Arath de la Torre and Facundo.

It should be noted that the last two celebrities mentioned above arrived with Galilee Montijo in the end, being Arath of the tower the winner of Thirdly.

While Facundo and Galileo Montijo They stayed until the last moment in the house of Big Brother VIP find out which of the two got the most votes from the public.

That’s when Facundo and Galileo sitting patiently waiting for the results when Victor TrujilloThe show’s bandleader revealed that he is the current host of the pProgram today who got the most votes, making her the winner of 500 thousand pesos and a new car.

Upon receiving the news, Galilee Montijo you couldn’t believe it so immediately faundo hugged her, while the driver took in the news, she couldn’t help but cry, after that they both left the house of Big Brother VIP and the tapatía has received its awards, since then, Gali She became the queen of reality shows, because although she no longer participated in any of them, she was the host of some such as “Little Giants”, “Who is the mask?”and now he will be in charge of”The House of Famous Mexico”.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico


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