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OpenAI in the sights of international authorities! The reason is privacy

Canadian privacy regulators will work on a joint investigation into how OpenAI’s ChatGPT collects and uses data. The country thus becomes the latest example of a government taking a closer look at the regulation of AI (artificial intelligence) tools.

What you need to know:

The federal privacy regulator, along with its counterparts in Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta, will investigate whether OpenAI obtained consent for the collection, use and disclosure of Canadians’ personal information via ChatGPT, the office said in the statement. of the country’s Privacy Commissioner. 25).

In Canada

Work conducted in the country by privacy regulators will also investigate whether OpenAI has met “its obligations regarding openness and transparency, access, accuracy and accountability”.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, no further details are available,” the commissioner’s office said, adding that the results of the investigation will be made public.

At the time of publication of this note, OpenAI did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment on the matter.

GPT chat and surveys

Man with hands on laptop keyboard, on which ChatGPT is open in a browser

In November 2022, OpenAI, a startup now supported by Microsoft, released ChatGPT for free to the public. The chatbot can generate articles, essays, jokes, and even poems in response to user requests.

The launch (and boom) of ChatGPT has fueled something of an AI arms race among tech giants, such as Meta (owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp), Alphabet (owns Google), and Microsoft.

This has left governments struggling as they evaluate laws to govern the use of new technology (generative AI).

international regulation

OpenAI CEO and ChatGPT creator Sam Altman during a US Congressional hearing

In an event at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), held last Thursday (18), the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, defended the regulation of AI around the world. According to Altman, regulating it won’t be easy, but society needs to find ways to do it.

The event Altman attended was “The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Brazil”, a chat where we discussed how the country can deal with AI, at a time when it is growing more and more.

The conversation was attended by Brazilian computer scientist, researcher and activist Nina Hora; Felipe Such, member of the OpenAI technical group; and the executive director of the Lemann Foundation, Deniz Mizne, who acted as a mediator at the table. The event was organized by the Lemann Foundation.

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