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Galaxy A54 vs. Moto G73; what is the best cell phone to buy?

If you’re thinking of reaching into your pocket to buy an intermediate mobile phone, we have chosen two very interesting alternatives for those who prefer a more powerful, more recent smartphone that lasts for several years: the Samsung Galaxy A54 and the Motorola Moto G73.

Each is the best choice of their respective brands for the mid-range market, will stay fresher longer and offer performance to spare for all situations. OR helps you in choosing one of these phones that on paper are very, very similar.

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Which to buy: Galaxy A54 or Moto G73?

This is a very common point when deciding which cell phone to take home, but it tends to be a difficult choice for those who are in the shop and ready to swipe the card or sign the check. Let’s start the list with the screen.

120Hz screen, but they are different

Both the Galaxy A54 and Moto G73 use a screen with a refresh rate marked at 120Hz and this is a treat for gaming. The size of the two is practically the same, but there is a big difference between them which depends on the choice of a side: the technology adopted in the panel.

The Galaxy A54 has a Super AMOLED screen, while the Moto G73 comes with an IPS LCD. The names differ well from what each one proposes and, in short, know that the Samsung mobile phone offers greater visibility in sunny places, together with a contrast that borders on infinity, while the Motorola model exploits colors with greater reproduction and more faithful.

If you want to shoot and need to know at that moment how the image came out, without forcing colors, the Moto G73 is good. If you prefer to watch movies, series or videos, the Galaxy A54 is a wiser choice in this regard.

Furthermore, both use Full HD+ resolution and a more stretched aspect ratio, without changing practically anything between them.

Which of the two cameras is better?

Moto G73 5G (Image: Disclosure/Motorola)

If you look at the raw number, both the Moto G73 and the Galaxy A54 have a 50-megapixel sensor for the main lens, but while Samsung’s model has three cameras, Motorola’s has two.

The Galaxy A54 is ultrawide with 12 megapixels, against the 8 megapixels of the Moto G73 and the third lens of the Samsung mobile still offers 5 megapixel macro. Couple that with the ability to shoot in 4K on the Galaxy (the Moto G73 goes up to 1080p or Full HD) and we have a clear winner here.

Looking at the selfies, the Galaxy A54 once again comes out in front of this comparison to have a camera with 32 megapixels in a smaller aperture compared to the 16 megapixels of the Moto G73. It’s double the resolution, with a lens better suited for background blur and brighter night portraits.

Exynos or Mediatek? What’s the best processor?

Galaxy A54 (Image: Advertisement/Samsung)

If until now it has not been difficult to give a point to a part, now we are faced with a dilemma. The Galaxy A54 enters this part of the comparison with an Exynos 1380 chip and the Moto G73 has a Mediatek Dimensity 930 inside. In the end, both are very efficient when it comes to running apps without stuttering, including heavy games.

What may weigh on the choice is the amount of RAM, starting with 6GB in the base Galaxy A54 and 8GB for the Moto G73. These two extra numbers make all the difference in the world in terms of mobile longevity. In other words: Motorola’s model will last longer than Samsung’s.

In internal space we have 128 or 256GB as options in both mobile phones and the duo has space for a microSD card, capable of expanding this number.

Moto G73 and Galaxy A54 also draw

Android 13 is there, but look at this

Moto G73 (Image: Advertisement/Motorola)

If you want a competent intermediary and already with the latest version of the operating system for the first half of 2023, know that the two models in this comparison are identical in that they already deliver Android 13 from the factory.

One important detail here: The Galaxy A54 is in the bundle of four new Android and five years of security updates and is vastly superior to the Moto G73 at this point, which offers half that total. This means that Samsung’s model will have up to Android 17 and Motorola’s will stop being updated to Android 15.

Having the latest Android isn’t even the biggest concern, but security fixes are extremely important for anyone who intends to keep their mobile for longer.

Long battery and fast charging

Both the Moto G73 and Galaxy A54 have a non-removable 5,000mAh battery. They also tie in with fast charging, although the Motorola model runs on 5 watts more on the charger, which ultimately doesn’t make much difference to the 25 watts on the Samsung side of this comparison.

Finally, both have a fingerprint reader, the Moto G73 on the side and the Galaxy A54 under the screen. One is faster and the other is more modern, choosing the best ends up being personal.

Which cell phone to buy?

Look, the points collected in this comparison give the victory to the Galaxy A54. It has an extra lens for photos, it takes videos in a higher resolution (4K), it will have twice as many Android updates and therefore will stay safe for longer, it has a Super AMOLED screen that is higher than the IPS LCD, it makes selfies easier at night, with double the resolution and comes in a more premium finish.

He wins, but not overwhelmingly. The Moto G73 is superior by having more RAM in the basic and cheapest version, it has a more accurate and faster fingerprint reader, as well as offering 5 watts faster charging. There are draws like 5,000mAh battery, 120Hz screen, NFC and 5G present in both models.

Galaxy A54 vs Moto G73: spec sheet

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