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Ecological transition: EELV struggles to make its voice heard

Ecological transition: EELV struggles to make its voice heard

Did environmentalists pull the rug out from under them? In a report presented to Matignon on Monday, May 22, economist Jean Pisani-Ferry, the architect of Emmanuel Macron’s program in 2017, and Inspector General of Finance Selma Mahfouz called for the taxation of the highest incomes and proposed a massive appeal debt for ecological financing. transition. Shame on the environmentalists who have been carrying these ideas around for years without ever listening to them. “If I had said the same, you would have scolded me. They mocked us, caricatured us for nothing”The National Secretary of European Ecology-Greens (EELV), Marine Tondelier, regrets this. But he believes it “Cultural battle won”.

The same conclusion regarding the former presidential candidate Yannick Jadot, who welcomes the report “going in the right direction”. When celebrating: “When it’s the former editor of Macron’s program, it looks serious. When it’s herbs, there’s a doubt”, He mourns. Paris MP Sandrine Rousseau recalls that the government rejected the report’s tax proposals, in particular the idea of ​​creating a “green ISF”. “The problem is not environmentalists, but ecology”he analyzes.

Why did the former close friend of the head of state need to restart this crucial debate? “It all depends on the speaker. The same sentences uttered by a politician do not produce the same perception., notes Simone Persico, a professor at Sciences Po Grenoble. who adds: “Ecologists are not considered central players, they only listen with one ear. » Not only. “If you’re only about taxing the richest, public opinion is missing something”adds Brice Tainturier, Deputy CEO of Ipsos.

The report’s authors warn that the middle and working classes will still be penalized initially by the measures that have the most impact “Essential needs (housing, transport, food)”. An idea that many environmentalists disagree with. MEP David Cormand recommends the addition “200 billion euros in state subsidies” in the European budget (today about 170 billion euros), through tax measures to ensure redistribution. In his opinion, Jean Pisani-Ferry is not like that “not enough left”.

“Low level electoral niche”

Other environmentalists are more cautious. “Nobody Says It’s All About Happiness”, admits Yannick Jadot, who still thinks Mr Pisani-Ferri’s report could have gone much further. Even Sandrine Russo admits this “It will be harder for everyone”. But when he plays the Cassandres, he is welcomed anew. For example, we had him in the public debate “very reprehensible” For advocating the increase in the price of petrol. It is a fact that for the chosen ecofeminist it is necessary to enter the society “Post-Growth”from “post-productivism”. This political line “extremely left-wing, anti-liberal”, It is hardly heard in public opinion and produces a “Low level electoral niche”, According to Brice Tainturier.

Source: Le Monde


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