Home Entertainment Five ideas to bring the whole family together around the TV

Five ideas to bring the whole family together around the TV

Five ideas to bring the whole family together around the TV

Old fashioned, everyone for themselves: everyone is in front of one screen tonight! Because there’s something for everyone, this list includes movies, series and documentaries that are suitable for younger audiences and that won’t scare the elderly. Somehow we approach the month of June more or less calmly and the prospect, dangerously close, of keeping our precious little ones in the summer.

“Tous en scène 2”: colors for children, good sound for adults

Ah, it’s a joy to laugh at the stupidity, all together, at the dish produced by the Illumination studio, guilty among other things of producing the evil Gru and especially the minions… Still, as long as we want to accompany the little ones. Evening, continued on every stage Perfectly fulfills the contract of intergenerational entertainment. Following the adventures of a group of idealistic upstarts who decide to break into showbiz, this second installment primarily benefits from an ultra-vitamin soundtrack that mixes Elton John, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and a few Prince cartoon covers with U2. It’s not good, it’s noisy, it’s an eyesore, but the kids (the movie is for everyone) will love it, and you may or may not dig into the CD-library to let them listen to the original versions. . You never know, they might like it!

Animated film by Garth Jennings (EU, 2021, 1:50). On Demand on Netflix.

“Fantastic Mr. Fox”: Wes Anderson, adapted for the youngest

Adapted from the book by Roald Dahl, this very beautiful animated puppet film is the perfect introduction to the unique world of Wes Anderson. In addition to the technical prowess – the shooting was spread throughout the year – the film cleverly updates the fairy tale for children, bringing the animals to the maximum anthropomorphism and taking care of the character of the characters in small details. This gives this tale of sly foxes against stubborn farmers an unparalleled flavor and ability to surprise audiences from 7 to 77 years old. The movie just became available on Netflix, don’t miss it! And why not immediately offer romance to those who have conquered?

Animated film by Wes Anderson (EU, 2010, 1:28). On Demand on Netflix.

“The Last Dance”: Behind the Scenes of the Chicago Bulls

Let’s be nerds: here’s a special program for “young guys” that should also appeal to their sisters, girlfriends and cousins. Pop some popcorn and put all those little people in front the last dance, Netflix’s excellent documentary series about the “success story” of the Chicago Bulls, the basketball team that shook up the NBA in the early 1990s thanks to the presence of the incomparable Michael Jordan in its ranks. An honest documentary series (ten episodes of almost an hour, there are several weekends), rich in testimony and unpublished images, will bring parents memories of adolescence and interesting conversations with children about the sport and its star system. Other than convincing them to do a few baskets with you once in a while. Bonus: get some points street credShow them your best pair of vintage Nike Air – and be prepared to sell a kidney to pay for the same.

Source: Le Monde


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