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He refused to sell the goods to them and they stoned his business

An unusual event took place at night in San Javier. Three people aged 24, 26 and 31 have been arrested on the fact.

The day before this day, In a commercial building in the Santa Clara district of San Javier, The citizen demanded that the police come to his house because Three people came forward and demanded that they sell alcohol and meat.

Faced with rejection By the merchant, They started the case with stones And They wounded a man 49 years old With two other residentsFrom 25 and 26.

According to the data collected on the spot, the Command Division of the Radio Power Plant together with the Local Police Department, Managed to find the suspectsWho are 24, 26 and 31 years old.

Se negó a venderles mercadería y le apedrearon el negocio.
He refused to sell the goods to them and his business was stoned. Photo: Misiones Police

The applicant received multiple injuries. And a fracture in the forearm, while the other roommates suffered minor injuries. The court ordered blood alcohol testing for participants and Remain in the police department Available Leandro n. For Alem No5 Investigative Court.

Source: Viapais



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