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Santiago Maratea has warned whether he will make a collection to buy the T-shirt Maradona wore against England in 1986.

Through his Twitter account, the influencer indicated the possibility of raising money, which will launch the auction in London this month.

Then Sotheby’s Announced an auction to buy the t-shirt with which Diego Maradona The second half was played against England Mexico 1986Some users Twitter Underwent a consultation Santiago Marathi If there was an opportunity to arrange a collection that would allow him to purchase and bring it Argentina.

Symbolic jacket auction – owned Steve Hodge And that was exhibited recently Manchester Museum– will be held on April 20 at Sotheby’s page, which is trying to raise around 5 5 million.

“If a million people bet 2,000 pesos, we would save $ 10 million and buy it,” Maratea said.

The T-shirt was purchased at the local market Mexico City At Maradona’s request, a few days before crossing World Cup quarterfinalsSo the historical element has never been in Argentina.

Source: Viapais



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