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Femicide in Papagaios: Woman Beaten to Death, Witness Wants to Avoid Attack

The young man was trying to stop the accused when he attacked the woman.

Maria Aida Oliva (52) – a housekeeper whose body was found lifeless yesterday in a rough area of ​​Papagaios. He would die as a result of a severe beating That her ex-husband would give her, Mario Daniel Castro Herrera (55), who is under arrest From yesterday.

A source familiar with the case claims that the body had several Signs of a blow And experts are initially inclined to think that it was these injuries that would have caused his death. While waiting for the results of the dissection, what is the cause of death that will not change the face of the case.

So things for the next few hours in Castro Murder Prosecution Castro was charged with the crime of femicide. But that would not be the only accusation he would receive, as he had wounded a young man near El Chalao’s position the same day, for which He was also charged with injuries.

After the discovery of the femicide, investigators found a related case: the same Tuesday, at 7:00 p.m., a young man reportedly moving around El Mirador, in El Chalo, when he saw a couple arguing next to a Ford Fiesta. White color.

Maria Aida Oliva's body was found in Papagaios, after confessing to her ex.  Jose Gutierrez / Andes.
Maria Aida Oliva’s body was found in Papagaios, after confessing to her ex. Jose Gutierrez / Andes.

This man is meHe tried not to hit the attacker’s wife, but the subject was armed with a knife and managed to stab him in the face and neck.

The woman later managed to escape on foot, but the aggressor got into the car and chased her, and the wounded man went to a nearby private area for help and condemned the situation.

In case

Ricardo, one of his sons, went to lunch with Maria last Tuesday at his home in the Cipolet district of La Favorita. At about 2:00 p.m., the young man was to leave and say goodbye to his mother, who told him he would call later. But as the hours passed, the boy began to worry, addressing his concern to his sister Luana: her mother did not answer the phone. For this reason, Luana went to the police station to report the disappearance.

Mario Castro and Maria Oliva, killed
Mario Castro and Maria Oliva, killed

On Thursday morning, a young woman came to the murder prosecutor’s office and told her that her father had told her that she had met “La Negrita” on Tuesday afternoon, but that an argument had finally broken out.

In the afternoon, officers from the murder prosecutor’s office, along with prosecutor Rio himself, went to Castro’s house. There the man crumbled and confessed where Maria’s body lay.

Personnel search agents, along with the murder staff, quickly moved into the Papagaios district after a horrific confession as the woman’s ex-husband put her in exactly the spot where the body was dumped.


Troops found Oliva’s remains, and in a first-person report from Científica e Investigaciones, they found that the body showed signs of violence.

“We were going to call him carefully in different situations, but we appeared at the address with a search warrant and Mario Castro was arrested. “Then he made statements to me, but I told him to wait and talk to the defense, but he said it was him and (the body) was in Papagaios,” the prosecutor told a news conference on the website. They found the remains of a murdered woman.

The body was taken to the forensic corps, where experts will conduct an appropriate investigation to determine the cause of death.

Source: Losandes



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