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Cannes 2023: British film “How to Have Sex” wins Un Certain Regard prize.

Movie How to have sex British director Molly Manning Walker’s “How to Be Love” won the Un Certain Regard prize at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 26. “This movie was the most magical moment of my life”While announcing the award, the director, for whom this is his first feature film, announced after sending a message that he dedicated it to her. “Anyone who is a victim of sexual violence”.

How to have sex Follows three young friends who go on holiday to a seaside resort in Crete. One tries to lose his virginity, but things go wrong. The film uses the clich├ęs of such holidays abroad – unlimited booze, pool parties and French fries – to tackle serious issues of consent and rape.

The director does not shoot these scenes, he concentrates on the emotions. “I think as women we know this experience very much. We don’t need to be traumatized again.”– the 29-year-old Londoner told Agence France-Presse during the Cannes festival.

Molly Manning Walker was particularly inspired by the sexual abuse she experienced at the age of 16. “We should be free to drink and wear what we want without being attacked”, he added. Directed for other filmmakers, he has also shot music videos and commercials, as well as two short films.

The Cannes Film Festival’s main parallel section, Un Certain Regard, is especially dedicated to new talent. The chairman of the jury of the 2023 edition was the American actor John C. Reilly.

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Source: Le Monde



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