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Sites and tips to check if an online store is reliable and safe

Sites and tips to check if an online store is reliable and safe

Online shopping has become increasingly popular due to the benefits it offers to consumers. The convenience of buying products anytime, anywhere, without leaving home, combined with the availability of a wide variety of products and at competitive prices, are the main attractions. Plus, the ability to compare prices between different stores quickly and easily lets you find the best deals and save money. However, it is important to take security measures to ensure that your online purchases are protected.

Sites to check the reliability of an online store

Check out some sites that offer information about the reputation of online stores:

Complaints here

One of the largest consumer complaints and review sites in Brazil. You can search by store name to see if there are any complaints and how the company responds to those complaints.

Reclame Aqui also has a tool to detect the reliability of websites. Just type the URL of the shop into the search bar to find out if it is legit, suspicious or fake.


Consumer.gov.br is a public service that seeks to facilitate direct communication between consumers and businesses to resolve consumer disputes on the Internet. It is monitored by Senacon of the Ministry of Justice, Procons, Defenders, Public Prosecutors and by society in general.

The service works as follows: the consumer checks that the company is registered on the site before submitting a complaint. The company has 10 days to review and respond to the complaint. The complainant has 20 days to comment and evaluate the response, indicating whether the complaint has been resolved and their level of satisfaction with the service.


Ebit is a Brazilian website that collects buyer reviews and certifies reliable online stores. The company also provides information on the performance of the stores in terms of delivery, customer service, among others.


“siteconfiavel.com.br” is an additional option to check the reputation of an online store. By entering the website link in the search engine, “siteconfiavel” carries out a detailed analysis that considers various aspects, such as online reputation, security seals and results in search engines. After the analysis, a report is generated that indicates whether the site is trustworthy or not.

Procon-SP List

Procon-SP has created a list called “avoid these sites” to warn shop consumers that they should avoid for a variety of reasons, such as complaints or lack of response.

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Here are some tips to check the trustworthiness of an online store:

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