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“At the age of 18, you are told to vote and you do not know why”: Young voters trust to withdraw from the legislative elections.

Lewison had a good Sunday, June 12: he landed with a parachute. Compared to legislative elections, “There are better feelings”Jokes this resident of Bourg-en-Bresse, who will soon turn 21, studying business engineering in Lyon. The bulletin does not interest him much. “We do not vote for one party to pass, the other not to pass” He worries, the more bitter it is that the environmental cause is not seen in the priorities. On Sunday, June 19, he is thinking of going to the polling station for the second round: “Then I will be with my parents on Father’s Day!” »

19-year-old Evan works at McDonald's.  He received the vote in the first round of the legislative elections and will run in the second round as well.  At Bourg-en-Bresse, June 14, 2022.

He met many young citizens like him ყThe world The ballot paper was divorced. Amaya (several interlocutors did not want to give her last name) did not vote in the first round because “Good motivation”. This 18-year-old burger, in optical BTS, finds that young people are poorly represented. “We are voting a little reluctantly. “And the blocking bothers me.” Details by a young woman who also regrets not being an ecologist “Not presented at all”.

Some question the shortcomings of civic education. Virgina, 22, a Parisian student in International Solidarity Management, finds out “Superficial” Courses he took: “They do not tell us why and how, how much it is a duty to vote. » He went to the polls; If not many, in his opinion, “It’s because they tell themselves that others are going to go there, or they do not feel legitimate, or they know they have privileges and that the election will not change that..

“The president is elected for him”

In Ain, Matte Mercier, 18, employed in collective catering, says he knows “More or less” How the National Assembly works, what is the purpose of the deputy. Since he is still living with his parents, the decisions made do not concern him, he judges. Hassan, 32, has a Parisian restaurant manager “Completely spoiled” In the first round, but is going to catch up in the second and vote more to the right. In any case, in his eyes, the political landscape hardly contradicts: “You can see some officials on both sides. In fact, you have only one side left! It is very difficult to choose. »

“Elections are still a business, in the sense that if you are not in it, you are lost. Says Damien, a landscaping student in Burg-en-Bress. At 18 you are told to vote and you do not know why. » Had it not been for a discussion with the parents, his friend Satin, 18, thinks he was not voting. “My parents voted, then they voted empty-handed, then they stopped. Politics, we never talk about it at home, Says Josua Martin, a 19-year-old math prep student at Bourg-en-Bresse. Even the presidential election did not arouse his curiosity: “The president is elected for him and not for France. »

Source: Le Monde



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