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The man takes 40,000 ecstasy pills and scares the medicine

In 2006, Psychosomatics magazine ran an article about a man, simply called Mr. A, who had taken 40,000 ecstasy pills over nine years. The article was successful and the victim became a legend among the youth. Co-author of the publication, Dr. Christos Kouimtsidis rescued the subject in a recent interview and explained why the case is so appealing even a decade later.

British fashion magazine The faceKouimtsidis detailed how Mr. A began his relationship on ecstasy pills and when it all got out of hand.

At first, the man took five “bullets,” as the drug is called in Brazil, every weekend. According to the psychiatrist, this dose is already very high. Then, the victim increased the dosage to nearly 4 ecstasy pills a day and stayed that way for three years, until it peaked at 25 pills a day for four years.

‚ÄúThis was an exceptional case of high usage over a long period of time. Typical use is not every day and neither is the amount of pills she was taking. It was extreme, its usage was very, very high,” Kouimtsidis explained.

Mr. A used other drugs along with ecstasy, including marijuana. This, however, stopped seven years before St. George’s Medical School, in London (England), to start conducting her case. The “bullet”, however, was the drug that most affected her memory.

“It can’t be said 100 percent,” the psychiatrist told the magazine, “but we can safely attribute the memory difficulties he experienced when I saw him to heavy ecstasy use over an extended period of time.”

The discontinuation of the use of ecstasy pills, followed by Kouimtsidis’ team, led to Mr. A, which caused several symptoms even years after his last drug use.

In all, the victim suffered from blurred vision, severe panic attacks, recurring anxiety, depression, muscle stiffness, hallucinations and paranoia, as well as short-term memory problems, temporal disorientation and poor concentration.

And why Mr. Did he use that much ecstasy? “It was more about managing his mood than excitement and fun … he used ecstasy as an antidepressant,” Kouimtsidis revealed.

Mr. A remained anonymous and, thanks to the study of St. George’s Medical School, was able to recover.

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