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The dramatic moment a Saudi ambassador gives a speech, collapses and dies

The events were documented on tape.Credits: Screenshot

The Saudi Arabian AmbassadorMuhammad Al-Qahtani, deceased today during his speech at the Arab-African conference in Cairo, capital of Egypt. Until now, the causes of death are unknown.

The last words whom he declared to be a to rent out to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah. “The dean of men and a man of peace”, said Al-Qahtani, before collapsing and dying.

The events were documented on tape. circulating on social networks. In the clips, we observe how the diplomat falls to the ground as he delivered his speech from a podium in the middle of a room.

After addressing his praises to the President of Egypt, Al-Qahtani seems to lose his balance and collapses, falling backwards to the ground. In the square were dozens of people who watched in astonishment at the death of the Saudi ambassador.

Until now, Authorities have not released the cause of death.. However, netizens point out that could have been cardiac arrest. “Sudden death. Cardiac arrest is normal, thousands of cases every day,” said one user on Twitter.

Other users pointed out that certain chronic illnesses could be the cause of the official’s death.

Who was Muhammad Al-Qahtani?

Muhammad Al-Qahtani, Saudi Arabian Ambassador Dies Suddenly while giving a speech, he was an economics professor. Also, He was recognized as the founder of the Saudi human rights organization called the Civil and Political Rights Association of Saudi Arabia (ACPRA).

Likewise, he was recognized for being an activist. Among the causes he defended, Al-Qahtani had led a two-day hunger strike for the arbitrary imprisonment and without trial of 11 activists, professors in different universities.

In addition, the official argued for the right to a “fair and public trial for all”, including terrorists.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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