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Averroes Muslim High School: Court rejects appeal to maintain contract with state

As a result of the summary proceedings of Averroès of the Muslim High School of Lille, the Lille Administrative Court rejected on Monday 12 February its request to maintain, as a preventive measure, the association agreement that has bound it with the state since 2008, pending a decision to terminate it. by the trial judges. The decision followed a December 7 decision by then North Prefect Georges-Francois Leclerc to terminate the contract at the end of the school year. He justified this with the management failures and lessons he described “against the values ​​of the republic” During lessons on Muslim ethics.

The administrative court justified its decision by the fact that the secondary school twice evaded the control of the funds of its documentation and information center (CDI), while the obligation to do so falls on the institutions provided for in the agreement and, in particular, without announcing the 27th of June. 2022 year “without sufficient reason”.

He also appreciated it “It has been sufficiently established that courses in Muslim ethics were essentially based on a version of the Commentary Forty Hadith of Imam An-Nawawi which includes evaluations contrary to the values ​​of the Republic”. added that ” The high school’s refusal to inspect its document collection does not demonstrate that these comments are not, as the high school claims, educational support used by students for a course on Muslim ethics.

It was confiscated by the State Council

Me Paul Jablonsky and Me Vincent Brengart, the school’s attorneys, condemned it “Unacceptable decision, which was deleted without answering our arguments in order to accept the prefecture’s arguments”. They condemn it “The court did not take into account the reaction of the association, which immediately changed the head of the institution” Refused to be checked by CDI. They emphasize that other inspections, in 2020 and 2023, have made it possible “Celebrating its richness and pluralism.”

As for the controversial book, they repeat it“It was never in the hands of the students, as evidenced by our certificates”. They said they would refer the matter to the State Council for interim relief.

Source: Le Monde



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