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Will you be alone on February 14? INEGI reports that 72% of young people do not have a partner

Generation Z is more single than other generationsCredits: Bing

He February 14th approach, and with it, millions of pesos in economic benefits for celebrate lovers from Mexico; However, statistics from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reveal that young people remain single with a higher incidence than adults.

In relation to the date commemorated this Wednesday, the Institute has made available the national statistics of weddings and divorces, as well as those of well-being and conformity with their current relationship, where we see that divorces continue to increase and women are the first to know if the relationship is going badly.

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Generation Z prefers to be single

One of the main conclusions of the INEGI studies is that centenarians or generation Z have the highest rates of singleness among the different age groups analyzed.

The age groups analyzed were 15 to 29 years old, 30 to 59 years old and from 60 years old. In general, in Mexico there are 100 million 600 thousand people in these three age groups; two, 36.9% were married; 33.1%, single; 17.8%, to the free union; and finally 12.2% were in a previous relationship (separated, divorced or widowed). But here is the strong point:

  • From 15 to 29 years old: 72.7% are single
  • From 30 to 59 years old: 48.5% are married and 22.5% in a common-law union
  • 60 years and over: 52.6% are married and 23.2% are widowed

How do you get married in Mexico?

According to the most recent figures from INEGI, in 2022 there were 507 thousand 52 marriages, including 98.9% between couples of different sexes and 1.1% between couples of the same sex. Likewise, they quantified certain characteristics that were repeated in heteronormative marriage:

  • In 65.2% of marriages, the man is taller than the woman
  • In 52% of marriages, both parties work
  • In 53% of marriages, both parties had the same level of education

How to get divorced in Mexico?

Another aspect quantified by the Institute is the divorce rate, which is increasing, since it has risen to 15.1 divorces for every 100 marriages in 2010 to 32.9 in 2022, more than double in 12 years. Furthermore, 99.6% of divorces correspond to heterosexual couples.

How do weddings take place?

Finally, INEGI asked married couples in Mexico if they believe their relationship is going well. In this regard, we can observe that the difference in appreciation of the relationship, even if the majority is favorable, varies depending on whether we question a male or female person, because if the 6.4% of men He admitted that his relationship was bad, 11.3% of women said their relationship was not going well.

This means that women are the first to express their dissatisfaction in the marriage and men are usually the last to notice that the relationship is not going well.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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