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The Netherlands ordered the suspension of the supply of military components to Israel

Seven days: This is the strict deadline given by the judges of the court in The Hague (Netherlands) to the Dutch government to stop supplying military components to Israel. In a decision on February 12, the Hague Appeals Chamber found that there “obvious risk” that the F-35s used by Israel, of which the Netherlands exports certain components, allow “Serious violation of humanitarian law” by Israel against the Palestinians of Gaza. Judges believe“Israel does not sufficiently consider the consequences of its attack on civilians” in Gaza, which caused “Disproportionate number of civilian deaths, including thousands of children”.

Since the bombing of Gaza began on October 8, 2023, more than 28,000 Palestinians have been killed. The 2013 International Arms Trade Treaty, ratified by many Western nations, prohibits the transfer of weapons when the state knows they could be used to commit mass crimes. As recently as November 2023, an official at the Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv was concerned about the Israeli army’s actions in Gaza. At the same time, three non-governmental organizations – Oxfam Novib, PAX and the Rights Forum – brought the case to Dutch justice. Ahead of the hearings in mid-January, around twenty diplomats and senior officials questioned Mark Rutte’s outgoing government. They criticized the Prime Minister for wanting to“Get in the good graces of the United States to win the post of NATO Secretary General.” “.

Netherlands “They will respect the court’s decision and implement it”“- says the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Cooperation and announces that it will appeal to the Court of Cassation. “It is up to the state to determine its foreign policy”Minister Geoffrey van Leeuwen said in a press release. This was also the position of the Trial Chamber, which made its decision in December 2023.

The minister announced the organization of consultations with the partners of the F-35 program. “Guarantee of the role of the Netherlands”. The case is about “reliability” from the Netherlands “In International and European Defense Cooperation”. The press release suggests that the F-35 “Play a critical role in Israel’s security”, is threatened by its neighbors, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria, according to a press release. The said parts are used in the production of F-35 fighter jets and are stored at the Woensdrecht base in the southwest of the Netherlands, the regional distribution center of the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Source: Le Monde



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