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Chilean mayor commits suicide after being arrested for drunk driving

He claimed to have had health problems in recent monthsCredits: Official Facebook

The Chilean mayor of the Florida community, Jorge Roa was arrested by the authorities premises after being the protagonist of an accident where crashed while drunkthat’s why he resigned from his position via Facebook to be able to pay what was required by law.

However, he was found dead moments later. He would have committed suicide inside his home in the BioBío region, where he was rescued by the local division carabineros and transferred so that the corresponding examinations could be carried out, according to initial reports.

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Chilean Florida Mayor Commits Suicide After Being Arrested for Drunk Accident

Before the news broke, Roa himself released a statement via their social media staff, where he explained that resigned from the position he held for 11 yearsin order to carry out the sanction imposed on him by the authorities after revealing that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

“I made a huge mistake, I broke the law and, as a municipal authority, I must pay and account for it. Once the events happened, I did not flee, I did not left the scene and waited for the authority to act. I followed all instructions, I submitted to all controls,” he wrote on Facebook.

In his statement, he assured that I went out to celebrate for various reasons. The first of these was that one of his relatives, the victim of an accident with his entire family, emerged in perfect health, as did the family, which resulted in purely material losses.

Florida Mayor Resigned From Office Over Facebook, Then Committed Suicide At Home

In addition, he was excited because he participated in a solidarity activity with the city on Saturday, February 10, 2024, where he was welcomed with great joy by local citizens. He even approached them to share, discuss, exchange ideas and take photos. Because of the above, he took his car and went to party with friends, then the accident happened.

Also warned that he had been showing a progressive deterioration in his state of health for several months during which he lost weight and was not well physically or psychologically. All of these effects began to cause him particular damage, coupled with the fact that he was a victim of betrayal and disloyalty from people he trusted.

“I will be consistent as I have always been in my life and I will pay for the crime committed,” he further warned in the shared press release.

Chilean mayor who committed suicide revealed he had health problems

He assured that from now on, and from now on, History will be responsible for evaluating its management in Florida, where he served as city councilor for 8 years and mayor for an additional 11 years. He assured that little by little his political activities and responsibilities towards citizens They have become much more difficultbecause his advisors acted in an “intimidating” manner, with the aim of turning people against them.

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Then came the last words he wrote through social networks, before the announcement of his death, where he assured that through social networks, They undermined their credibility with false publications of people hidden in anonymous profiles:

“Added to this are the social networks with false pages, which hid behind false profiles. I must recognize the support of many leaders who have always been at my side, not unconditionally but with different points of view, because they knew that I liked that What we did was correctly framed, giving a quality label to our management. Thank you to the national, regional, provincial and municipal authorities who helped in my management. God and the Virgin of the Rosary take care of our beautiful Florida community.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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