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More is better, the fashion trend that will reign this spring

Spring 2024 fashion will be full of colors, prints and extravagant accessories, so the key is to bring out the creativity.Credits: Instagram Vlada Avornic.

In the world of fashion There are always changes because trends are the order of the day. Paris Fashion Week, which took place last January, is an example of this because designers caused a sensation with their diverse and striking creations. Zendaya herself showed it because she established herself with her look, which also happened with other celebrities like Bella Thorne, Florence Pugh and Kylie Jenner.

Even if the golden rule is “less is more”, as even enigmatic designers like Carolina Herrera and Verga Wang adore, everything indicates that in there spring 2024 the opposite will happen with the orient yourself “more is better”. This is clear, because the main thing is to take risks, show creativity and ingenuity in composing looks.

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What will fashion look like in spring 2024?

A designer who is committed to having fun with fashion is Barbara Fumarolawho through his lineage Candy design presents proposals are full of colors; Additionally, choose to combine pastel and neon colors have a contrast in outfits, as happened with 80s fashion when the rule of more is better was applied.

The designer always uses a wide variety of printsmoving from traditional moles even the most modern Geometric designs which give a modern and futuristic feel. You also take risks with metal finishes and textured fabrics, particularly those of vinyl or PVC, reinventing spring fashion.

Creativity and pleasure, the keys to fashion

On social networks, several influencers and fashion experts stick to these fashion options, demonstrating that the creativity is the limit when putting together outfits. An example of this is the Vlada Avornic content generator because its looks They are full of color and join the “more is better” trend.

Furthermore, the young woman opts for the use unique accessories, as well as bags and shoes that will add more style to your spring outfits. Another personality who is committed to it is the Italian influencer and businesswoman Chiara Ferragni, who stands out for her fresh and youthful style, in line with spring.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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