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The Battle of Lies Lufock, The Voice of Caring Children

There is anger “engine” By Lyes Louffok. It vibrated in him from a damaged childhood as a nurturer, brought from home to foster family. For years, the 29-year-old activist has tirelessly denounced the dysfunction of the child welfare system (ASE), which supports approximately 300,000 minors each year.

Recently, his anger towards the executive authorities increased when he learned about the suicide of a 15-year-old girl, Lily, in the hotel where she was placed by the services of the department of Puy-de-Dôme. “You understand, we are talking about a 15-year-old girl for whom the state was responsible! When a “normal” kid kills himself and school bullying is suspected, it makes headlines. We did not hear anything there, except for Perine, a minister, a political leader [Goulet, députée MoDem de la Nièvre, ancienne enfant placée] »– he accuses during our meeting, a few days after the tragedy that happened on January 25. A few days earlier, in a pre-release tweet, Lies Luffolk warned: “If one more child is killed, raped or commits suicide, the state will be held accountable. We promise we won’t let that happen. »

His opponents condemn his radicalism, accusing La France of supporting the Insoumize camp. If he insists “left”tells him “talk to everyone”Mathilde Pano as Avro Berger or Brigitte Macron.

Stubborn resentment towards the Macronist camp

By skipping school at the age of 14 to attend meetings of the Nipute Ni Loyalists Association, the young man says he formed his political conscience. “I was surrounded by ultra “bad” girls, Sihem Habchi, Fadela Amara… I cut my teeth with them. They taught me everything, how to act, how to campaign, how to work, how to build a story…”He recalls with a smile.

Over time, his notoriety went beyond the narrow circle of former ASE youth, who sometimes formed into collectives. He appeared in television documentaries, which made him known to the general public. His media aura and his appeals to politicians irritate more than one, especially within the majority. “After Lawrence Rossingall, it’s a disaster”He has been battling stubborn resentment of the Macronist camp ever since “The Betrayal of the Burgundian Bill”Named according to the law adopted in 2019. It is assumed that on the 18th, “dry exits” from the ASE were banned, its scope was significantly reduced by an amendment submitted by the government a day before its adoption.

Source: Le Monde



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