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Mijares talks about the kiss Lucero stole from him at a concert and reveals he remembers the entire February 14th they spent together

The video of Lucero’s kiss in Mijares went viral last weekend. Credits: Instagram @oficialmijares

In recent days, the entertainment world has been incredibly shaken by the fences they keep showing shining star And Manuel Mijares, divorced for more than a decade and despite a marriage broadcast on television, in addition to being parents of two talented children. After the pandemic, the former couples reunited to start their tour “Hasta que nos se hace”, where they surprise not only with their voices, but also with iconic moments.

Proof of the above is what happened last weekend when Lucero ran towards give him a kiss on Mijares’ cheek, or the moment when she did not hesitate to remember that her ex-husband “didn’t know how to value her” making her have an uncomfortable moment on stage. Although the singers gave a lot to say with these moments, it was now that the “The Privilege of Loving” singer’s attention was drawn. declarations about.

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VIDEO: Lucero kisses Mijares on stage and leaves him paralyzed as the audience screams

“You didn’t know how to value me”: Lucero complains to Mijares after recalling his marriage

Mijares speaks for the first time about the kiss Lucero gave him from the stage

After a rather scandalous weekend, the singer showed up at the airport where he was picked up by the press and did not hesitate to talk about the recent moments he experienced with the “America’s Bride” in which fans speculate that a spark of love is still present; however, he tried to address the controversy as much as possible to ensure that everything between them happened with love and respect.

“Yesterday was in Phoenix, right? and the day before in El Paso, but still we do it there in the show”were the singer’s statements when asked what he felt when Lucerito Mijares’ mother told him kiss to surprise. Likewise, to answer the following questions in which he was asked how they get along after a divorce more than ten years ago, the interpreter reported that their friendly and family relations are going “very well.”

But the moment that made the biggest noise was when one of the journalists asked him if he remembered any of the days of Valentine’s Day that he shared with shining star and he did not hesitate to assure that he kept each of them in mind. In this way, it was once again demonstrated that their intimacy is unlike any other ex-marriage.

“Everyone, every February 14, but almost always at work,” he said.

To conclude his brief meeting with the press, Mijares He touched on more personal topics, like the fact that he has no technique for flirting, because you “always have to be who you are, authentic. You can’t fake something you’re not.” not,” he concluded.

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