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AMLO continues with “tutupiche” in his eyes; but it will be deleted, he assures

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At the start of his morning press conference, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He assured that he still had the infection in his right eye: “the tutupiche will not disappear”.

From his entrance to the Treasury Room National Palace It was visible that his right eye was more swollen than last week.

To a specific question, he explained that “the infection continues, my tutupiche does not disappear, but it will disappear”.

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On February 8, the president said that, according to the attending physician, the eye infection he contracted during his tour in Oaxaca.

That day he commented that “it’s an infection that I think I caught during the last tour because of the dust (…) A tune, yes, and we call it in my country Tutupiche, but it’s nothing, nothing worrying according to the doctor.”

What is a tutupiche?

The expression originating from the Yucatan Maya had already been used before in other meetings where he was also questioned about his health and mentioned that his eye condition resembled that of a stye.

The word chuchup means (inflamed) and ich (eye) in the Mayan language and its symptoms are the presence of protrusions that appear in the lower part of the eye, usually red and which cause pain in those who suffer from them. This type of pimple is not dangerous for the eyelid and can only cause discomfort by getting between the eyelid and the pupil.

There is no treatment or medication indicated to prevent or attack this outbreak, it usually goes away on its own, so due to the symptoms, the eye infection mentioned by the President is the same as the stye.

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