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Israel-Hamas War: “For the moment, there is no question of an ambitious political horizon: a two-state solution. Benjamin Netanyahu unequivocally denies it.”

dAfter two months of mass killings by Hamas against Israeli civilians near Gaza, the Israeli authorities have now decided to take up the sword south of the narrow strip of land. where the displaced people expelled by the battle in the north gathered. They took advantage of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s American orange light: yes, to continue the offensive, no at the very high cost of Palestinian lives.

This orange light provides a short-term extension of the strategy to destroy Gaza, justified in the name of wiping out the Islamist movement. This is one of the two goals of the Israeli army, with the release of Israelis or foreigners captured and held hostage on October 7. And that’s even if these releases are hardly compatible with similar bombings that have already devastated northern Gaza.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, took a risk: he allowed the Jewish state to do its job in order to better influence the course of the war and its epilogue. However, the moment of truth will not last long. At the moment there is no talk of an ambitious political horizon, the Israeli Prime Minister unequivocally rejects the two-state solution. One of Benjamin Netanyahu’s possible successors, former chief of staff Benny Gantz, who is portrayed as a pragmatist, won’t get it either.

American vision

The first deadline, already decisive, concerns Gaza. In the column that was published The Washington Post On November 18, the President of the United States presented his vision for “the day after,” and he promises a head-to-head confrontation with the current Israeli government. Only one element suits Benjamin Netanyahu: “Gaza must never again become a platform for terrorism”Joe Biden writes.

However, the American president’s idea to exclude A. is different “Blockade” and all “territory reduction” by Israel, not to mention his advocacy for the unification of Gaza and the West Bank “Within a unified governance structure under the auspices of a renewed Palestinian Authority”. These proposals can only be perceived by Israel as a form of interference in the management of the Palestinian issue.

However, the Israeli prime minister is not in the best position to oppose this American vision. Despite the weeks that have passed since the start of military operations, he is unable to form his own vision.

Source: Le Monde



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