How much food is enough? The answer is in your hands

Many studies indicate that the hands are useful tools for calculating food portions.Credits: West Virginia University

For years, scientists have associated the increase in the size of servingsparticularly in fast food, with the epidemic of obesity which affects the world in general and Mexico in particular.

Know how to calculate the adequate portions Diet, combined with a balanced diet and exercise programs, is the key to keeping your body healthy and healthy. correct weight.

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“For healthy people, who do not need specific amounts of certain nutrients, using the hands As a guide for calculating food portions, it can be very useful,” explains Joaquín Méndez, bariatrician at Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

Among the advantages highlighted by the Navarrese Medical Institute is the fact that the hands are “scaled”, that is, the taller you are, the larger they will be, giving you the amount of Necessary food for every hand size. body.

Learn to eat with your hands

According to Canadian Diabetes Associationhands are a resource available at all times, so learning to use them to calculate portions can help millions of people.

“There are differences between our hand sizes and they can be used as a guide to help you know how much to cook and serve. When preparing it for someone else, use the size of your guests’ hands,” recommends New Zealand Heart Foundation.

Another great advantage is that wherever you are, it is a standard measurementIn other words, it does not depend on conversions or scales which may vary depending on where you are.

In addition, it is enough to memorize a few rules, which, with a little practice, will even allow you to visually calculate how much it costs. sufficient on each plate.

How much fruit and vegetables are enough?

According to the New Zealand Heart Foundation, fruit and the vegetables Non-starchy foods, like carrots or broccoli, are important sources of nutrients and fiber, so they should form the basis of your diet.

The ideal amount is what your two hands together, cupped as if you were going to drink water with them. Additionally, they recommend combining as many colors as possible to maximize your nutrient intake.

In the case of tuberslike potatoes, and cereals rich in starch, like rice, the ideal portion is the size of a closed fistwhich is more or less half a cup.

THE legumeslike lentils and beans, as well as other grainmust also be presented using the same measurement: a closed fist.

How much meat should I eat?

For the Canadian Diabetes Association, the consumption of fish It is ideal for providing the necessary proteins in your diet with a smaller amount of fats, which can be harmful to the body.

In the case of fish, a fillet the size of your hand held outpreferably steamed or cooked with a little olive oil, is the ideal portion for any healthy person.

If what you are going to eat is Red meatas the beef either pigor white, like chicken either turkeythe recommended portion is limited to just the palm of your hand, with a thickness roughly equal to that of your little finger.

Finally, the association advises reducing the consumption of sausages such as sausages, sausages either sausagesbecause its fat and sodium content is generally too high.

How much fat is ideal?

Méndez assures that the consumption of milk derivatives, such as cheese wave sour cream, it is ideal to supplement the diet. A portion the size of your thumb that’s the ideal.

In the case of dressings MayonnaiseTHE salad dressings and the oilslike the olive, a portion the size of the half of your nail of the thumb is more than sufficient in most cases.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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