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Willy Schreen launches his campaign for the 2024 European elections on behalf of the “happy village” against the “ecological ayatollahs”.

Former Stade Toulouse third row (Louis Picamoles), young “Queen of Arles”Ambassador of Provençal and bullfighting traditions (Camille Hotman), President of the Ile-et-Villen Fishermen’s Federation (Jérémy Grandier), Olympic Vice-Champion of Archery (Jean-Charles Valadon)… Six months of the European elections, the first candidates on the list of the Rural Alliance, who Posted on Tuesday December 5th at the Embassy of Auvergne, a restaurant specializing in Aligot in Paris, claims to embody. “The French Art of Living”According to their leader, Willy Schraen, head of the powerful National Federation of Hunters (1 million members).

However, there are no big fish in the nets of those who have been thinking about this list for months. multi-star chef Pierre Gagner, who said he was leaving at the end of November, according to the weekly pointAppearing in an inappropriate position on the list will eventually not be there, “lack of time”, excuse Willy Schreen. None more so than former cyclist Bernard Hinault, whose name has been thrown around.

If they try to repeat the coup of Jean Saint-José’s Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Tradition (CPNT) list (which received 6.77% of the vote in 1999), the instigators of the operation, including lobbyist Thierry Coste, this time I want to represent “All Faces of the Village”Despite the identity of the head of the list, Willy Schraen, a figure in the world of hunting.

A “conservative” who rejects “extremism”

Our battle is not a battle of irrepressible firebrands “, assures us Mr. Schraen, who praises “Petanque and barbecue, aperitif and pork dishes”. who speculates “Conservative side » But he refuses extremism “, defends A “Happy Countryside”France Tolerance, integration, passion “, which is just asking leave it alone “.

However, it refuses to be classified Anti-Europeans »Willy Schreen and his associates are condemned Elites detached from real life » and “Technocrats” who soon “It prevents us from choosing wallpaper for the house”. Europe, this “Administrative Juggernaut” which produces “Norms that Stifle Us” and “impedes individual liberties”should “Review Your Basics”recommends Mr Schreen, echoing the rhetoric of populist and Eurosceptic parties.

United in a waiver “Ayatollahs of Ecology”According to the formula they use to designate green activists, including the European Ecology Party-Les Verts, The hunter and his runner, who “Just a little bit of mud on your feet”they say to themselves “nature lovers” and “ecologists”.

Source: Le Monde



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