Israel-Hamas War: The Jewish State Reunites Behind Its Army

How can we convince the world that the destruction carried out in Gaza by the Israeli army as part of its offensive against the forces of Hamas – and that it claims “to be continued”, Monday, November 20 – Is it entirely justified for an Islamist armed group to exploit civilian infrastructure, despite videos showing the scale of human destruction it causes? This battle is as complex as infantry and armored combat in the devastated urban environment of the Gaza Strip.

Sunday evening, November 19 at 44 On October 7, the day of the war triggered by the Hamas attack, the Israeli army released new elements intended to demonstrate that al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip, where its troops operate for five days, was indeed a hospital. Hamas operational center. “It’s important for Israel’s legitimacy to understand that we need time, but also to know that when we target places like this, they are legitimate military targets., asserts Yakov Amidror, former National Security Advisor.

But, for now, the Israeli military hierarchy is trying to support the thesis that al-Shifa is one of the main headquarters of the Islamist movement. Western journalists who were taken in armored vehicles to two Gaza hospitals, including al-Shifa, raised questions about how much weight should be given to all the evidence presented: small arms, explosives, possible traces of hostages, tunnel entrances. The army released the video on Sunday, which appears to be a long tunnel “55 meters” Excavated under the hospital.

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Surveillance camera footage was released Sunday evening showing the two hostages — a Nepali and a Thai — working at a kibbutz near Gaza, Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said. – They were taken to the hospital by force. One of them, soaked in blood, is lying on a rolling bed.

“These findings confirm that the terrorist organization Hamas used Al-Shifa Hospital as a terrorist infrastructure.”– said the army. A charge disputed by Hamas. “The army spokesman is acting as if he has discovered something incrediblesaid Izzat al-Rishk, a senior member of the Islamist movement. But we stated a long time ago that the resistance took the prisoners to the hospital for treatment, especially after some of them were injured by the shelling of the occupying forces. »

Source: Le Monde



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