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Domestic violence: emergency financial assistance for victims launched in December

Emergency financial assistance passed by Parliament in February will be implemented by Family Assistance Funds (CAF) to help victims of domestic violence leave their homes.Eh December, Solidarity Minister Avro Berge confirmed on Monday, November 20.

“From 1Eh In December, we are going to generalize what was voted in the Assembly, which is emergency aid.– said Avro Berge in Inter France. “In all CAFs in our country, which are very well identified, or online”A victim of domestic violence “Ambulance may be required [d’un montant minimum de 600 euros] which will pay him automatically »he added. “Obviously, it’s not just financial help, it accompanies, it supports” for that “Guarantee that departure is real departure”.

Female victim, from 1Eh December, “He calls his CAF, he goes to his CAF, he goes to the CAF website and he’ll have access in three to five days (…) For emergency help »he explained.

When asked about possible difficulties in connecting with CAF, MI Berger emphasized“The agents are still there” in CAF“Which fortunately are competent and efficient,” And that there is “Different Ways to Contact CAF”we can “call them”, “go there”, “Go to the Internet”.

In 2022, 244,300 victims of domestic violence were recorded

“Also, we’re increasing the number of people in the CAFs so that there’s a lot more human greeting and eventually we have someone at the end of the line, someone behind the counter, someone to escort.he continued.

Parliament adopted a text in February establishing this emergency financial aid to allow victims to leave their homes in search of asylum, which will come into effect. “not later than nine months after its publication”.

In 2022, the police in France recorded around 244,300 victims of domestic violence, the overwhelming majority of them women, an increase of 15% compared to 2021, which was interpreted by the associations as a sign that their words were better taken into account.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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