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Child abuse: Elizabeth Bourne unveils new government plan

Elizabeth Bourne will present the Government’s new plan to tackle violence against children 2023-2027 to mark International Children’s Day on Monday 20 November. The French Prime Minister will chair the third Interministerial Committee for Children (CIE) on Monday afternoon in Matignon, a body that was set up in November 2022. “A cross-sectional view of childhood policy”who met for the second time in June.

In the presence of eleven members of the government, including the Secretary of State for Children, Charlotte Cowbell, the CIE will have two priority topics on Monday, according to Matignon: the 2023-2027 plan against violence, which will follow the plan launched in 2020. and strengthening state action in favor of protected and vulnerable children.

Earlier on Monday morning, Elizabeth Bourne will travel to Nanterre (Haute-de-Seine) with Charlotte Caubel and GĂ©rald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, to visit the Office of Minors (Ofmin), which is responsible for coordinating the operational activities of the police services. Gendarmerie. Ms Bourne will also travel to Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) to meet with L’Enfant Bleu, an aid association for victims.

The plan announced on Monday could increase the planned number of Ofmin investigators, which was announced during the first CIE, and currently 35. It could also increase the means allocated to the prevention of this violence, especially the call and listening numbers of the platforms. The government should also create 10 posts of departmental delegates “Dedicated to Child Protection Management”According to Matignoni, he was recruited as interlocutors of departmental councils on an experimental basis.

370,000 children are cared for by ASE

The second topic discussed on Monday: state action in favor of protected and vulnerable children. On November 10, at the conference of French departments, the Prime Minister called on A “General Mobilization for Protected Childhood”It is an acute issue for these communities, including in relations with the state.

About 370,000 children are covered by protection measures under the Child Social Assistance (ASE) whose services, following the major decentralization laws of 1982 and 1983, fall under the authority and responsibility of the President of the Departmental Council. Ms. Bourne noted “New Obligations” to be carried out on Monday during CIE, “Especially in matters of health or education” for these children.

In addition, the head of the government will probably announce a new one “Youth Autonomy Package” For young people who leave ASE at the age of 18, including namely a “Financial Empowerment” Now the automatic 1500 euros paid to the majority.

The organization of this CIE follows the publication of the long-awaited report of Ciivise, the independent commission specifically responsible for the fight against incest. in the interview Sunday newspaperMs. Cowbell assured her that it should continue to exist “New Road Map”And the associations are afraid of the sustainability of this organization.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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