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5 Fall Clothes You Should Have in Your Wardrobe in 2023

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He autumn It is loaded with style and thanks to its cold climate but not too much like winter, there are pieces that are essential and that we must have in our closet to use them when we always need them and they will also contribute to our look the latest fashion. Although these clothes have a sophisticated touch There are elements you can add to them to turn them into casual outfits.

This season is brown colors; Brown, red and orange will be the favorites, however, white and black cannot be missing in our wardrobe regardless of the season. So take note and visualize them 5 pieces what you should have in your wardrobe so that your way of dressing does not lack that chic touch and when you go to look for these clothes you make a purchase safe and effective.

What are the 5 items I should have in my wardrobe this fall?

Knitted dress

Regarding the fall dresses The star will be the straight and knitted one, but to highlight the autumnal style, it should preferably be accompanied by ankle boots or ballerinas. You can choose a striped model to look costs or plain if you are more discreet, opt for a combination of tones between black and white or choose one cream.

Trousers and vest set

What was previously a exclusive set for today’s men it reinvents itself and becomes the most elegant piece for women and of course you cannot miss it in your wardrobe. The ideal is to opt for light or pastel tones like pink and blue.

White tailored pants

THE oversized pants with clips continue to be the stars of the season, but this time the fashion brands opt for the white color which conveys the elegance of autumn. This pants For everyday wear, it pairs perfectly with shirts and sweaters that transform your look into an authentic and reinvented outfit.

Red blazer

As we mentioned at the beginning, the red It’s the tone of the season, but to join the trends there’s nothing like choosing a unique piece in this color. And in keeping with fall standards, don’t hesitate to choose one that is oversized and buttoned, avoid those that have shoulder pads.

Denim skirt

You have surely seen this skirt on the shelves of many clothing stores and no brand has been able to resist the power of this model, because its urban versatility and at the same time cowgirl, they place it as a favorite and just like jeans it goes with everything so it should be in your wardrobe. Choose those who are tallstraight cut and blue Jeans.


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