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They catch a father who mistreated his baby and offered him to third parties

The attacker was arrested in Madrid.Credits: National Police Spain

A 25 year old man adult was arrested for having sexually abused of his girl of a few months oldwhile he was taking Photographs For offer the images to some thirds who sought to take advantage of the minor. The accused was captured in Madrid, Spainwhich in less than two years was stopped In thrice to distribute this type of material.

Although he had already been arrested, the sex attacker was released, but the police followed him closely until he was brought into the spotlight again when he shared videos minors. In this regard, researchers from Group I for the Protection of Minors of the Spanish National Police They inspected the man’s cell phone after stopping it again.

Police say other pedophiles are horrified

After carrying out the inspection of the cell phone, the police discovered two hidden videos in which the 25-year-old man was attacking his cell phone. baby monthwhose images have been shared with other people for give to the baby, In addition to proposing that they will have threesomes with them.

About, Eduardo Casassub-inspector of the Central Cybercrime Unit, assured after seeing the images that the victim “is the smallest baby I have seen on my screen during two decades of work”, declared the police officer, who added that he had read the conversation that he aggressor made with other pedophiles to those who offered it, Casas pointed to El País.

“They themselves rejected the proposal, they told her that she was at least eight years old, that the girl was too young. He horrified even the other pedophiles”: Casas.

They investigate the mother of the abused baby

Baby attacker discovered thanks to tech company Discord, which is responsible for identifying when images with explicit content are shared. “We received some 20 thousand alerts of this type per year», Underlined Eduardo Casas, who indicated that he had identified that the origin of the shooting occurred in the south of Madrid.

There 23 year old mom age of the baby sexually abused by her father since birth, was arrested after being accused of having conversations with the attacker with whom she exchanged images of minors in acts of erotic abuse.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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