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A mother murdered her two children and committed suicide to prevent her ex-husband from taking custody of them

The father of the children assured that his ex-wife did not let him see his children.Credits: special.

A 37 year old woman murdered her two children after that committed suicideafter her ex-husband began a legal battle to obtain the custody of the two minors. The unfortunate events occurred on September 28 in Alabama, USA. According to the testimony of the father of the children, his ex-wife I drowned the children in the bathtub and after he hanged himself with a belt in his closet, because he didn’t want the man to see his children, who had been living with the woman for six months, but They would come back to live with their father because a judge granted him the shared custody about.

The minors’ father, who identified himself as Derek Johnson, told local media that his ex-wife, Nancy Johnson, had been living with his children for six months, preventing him from having any interactions with the minors, for which he had launched a procedure. legal process to obtain the childcare, ensuring that the woman suffered from mental health problems, which would have been confirmed by specialists. Two days before the attack, a judge granted shared custody children to Derek, who had gone on a trip but was looking forward to seeing his children again. However, a day before his arrival, the man’s mother went to Nancy’s house to visit her grandchildren, but upon entering she found a heartbreaking image.

The woman suffered from mental health problems

Derek’s mother found her two grandchildren lying lifeless on the couch, so she notified the authorities. Security elements, experts and other investigators announced that miners drowned and after his death Nancy placed them on the sofa. from his living room and covered them with a blanket. For its part, the woman’s body was found in a closet; She he committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt. Beforehand, the father of the minors assures that the motivations of his ex-wife could be linked to the legal battle they have been waging for several months.

“We have been fighting for custody of the children for six months and she “kidnapped” my children for about two months and a half, so I had no contact with them and all of a sudden they were taken from this world in the worst way about a day before I arrived,” Derek told local media. He added that now he had no reason to continue living: “now “I myself have no motivation in life and I cannot function as well at the moment.”

Finally, the man added that he would miss his ex-wife and two children: “I’m dead inside. I feel lost. I have nothing, absolutely nothing, and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it.” to put back.” I just know I’m going to miss them all.” Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch revealed the couple had divorced in recent days and had been seeing each other. embroiled in a bitter legal custody battle minors, since the mother did not allow her children to be in contact with their father: “there were clearly psychiatric problems with the mother”, he stressed.

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