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In Brussels, two new European Commissioners who will define the future of the Green Deal.

The psychodrama was short-lived. After demanding final details, members of the European Parliament’s environment committee gave the green light on Wednesday morning to the appointment of Dutchman Wopke Hoekstra as climate commissioner and approved the withdrawal of the entire Green Deal on Tuesday evening, October 3. portfolio To the current Vice-President of the European Executive, Slovak Marosh Sepkovic. 705 elected officials must confirm the choice on Thursday in Strasbourg, but the outcome of the vote is not in doubt as the four political groups – the conservative EPP, the Social Democrats (S&D), the Renewal Liberals and the Greens – are in. on this line.

The departure of Dutchman Frans Timmermans from the commission, who led the list of socialists and environmentalists in the Netherlands for the November 22 elections, forced Ursula von der Leyen to change her team. At the suggestion of The Hague, the President of the Community Executive chose to replace the Social Democratic Commissioner with the conservative Wopke Hoekstrath, angering the European Parliament’s left. Especially since the EPP has been calling for a “pause” of the green deal for a year now.

In this context, MI Von der Leyen, himself an EPP Christian Democrat candidate who briefly worked at Shell after leaving university, was reduced to climate-related responsibilities before joining the cabinet for a longer term. Audit McKinsey, then in politics. As the European Union (EU) has already completed most of its agenda in the fight against global warming, the former Dutch foreign minister will first have to prepare for the COP on November 28 and focus on climate diplomacy. He entrusted other issues – environment, biodiversity, etc., to the socialist Maroš Sefković. – which were much less developed and responsible for the whole green deal.

Act of Repentance

During its parliamentary hearing, 1Eh In the evening of October, Wopke Hoekstra increased his pledge to the left and joined “The Continuity of Frans Timmermans” And in particular he promises to work towards ending fossil fuel subsidies. He also said that he is in favor of “personally”, that Europeans are already ready to reduce CO emissions2 55% by 2030 compared to 1990, with an ambitious target set for 2040,“at least 90%”, To achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Source: Le Monde



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