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Russia prepares for World War III: it conducts a terrifying exercise with televised alarms

School students were instructed to wear gas masks.Credits: Daily Star

He Russian government headed by the president Vladimir Poutine carried out a simulacrum Or warned to citizens they are prepared when one’s attacks begin World War III. Through messages and alarms broadcast on radio and television, the Kremlin is raising awareness among the population to prepare for a nuclear attack.

The images were broadcast on social networks, where we can even see students of basic education while learning how to properly put on the Ancient masks. Likewise, we heard the loud sound of sirens who warn that an imminent attack is approaching, an action that has been documented on video.

“Attention everyone”: he warns against alarm in Russia

Loud sirens were heard across Russia as television interrupted its broadcastsas well as on the radio, where Vladimir Putin asked all his citizens to be obliged to participate in the national exercisel to learn how to act in the event of the outbreak of a Third World War, according to information from The Sun.

THE the sirens sounded in the speakers in all regions of the 11 time zones of Russia. It turned out that the exercises took place over at least two days. In the message published by the Kremlin government, the former KGB agent warns his people of the danger posed by a Western attack.

The message repeated with the sirens read: “Attention everyone! » while the rest of the warning, which echoed through loudspeakers and on radio and television frequencies, stated that:

“The availability of the alert system for the population is currently being verified. Please stay calm”: Kremlin.

Russia occupied two bomb shelters for exercise

The exercise was based on a supposed scenario in which Russia would be the target of a powerful nuclear attack by Western countries, where the Kremlin government has shown what start of martial law and how Russia would act in the event of a threat to the population.

The Minister of Emergencies, Alexander Kurenkov, who supervised the exercises, assured that “the main objective of the exercises is to check our readiness for specific actions”, he said according to media reports. For the exercise they had in the city of Volgograd fingers shelters where one of them can stay 36 thousand people.

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