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National Civil Protection Day: rescue elements are commemorated in the Chamber of Deputies

They commemorate emergency organizations that assist people during various disasters. Credits: Cuartoscuro

In the National Civil Protection Day, opposition parties in House of Representativesthey regretted the disappearance of Natural Disaster Fund and denounced the corruption that exists in the construction sector, such as that of Rébsamen School.

By approaching the subject, on the platform, Diana Maria Teresa Lara Carreon of the PAN, denounced that in Mexico, despite their assertions to the contrary, the government is negligent in matters of civil protection and stressed that the money that was used to deal with emergencies and natural disasters was diverted for other interests.

“It is frankly regrettable to have eliminated FONDEN, to have spent this amount of money which amounted to more than six billion pesos which were surely spent on baseball stadiums or to pay debts for the cancellation of construction contracts or projects without viability or long-term perspective.” scope,” he stressed.

A minute of silence for the victims

Marcelino Castañeda, of the PRD, who asked for a minute of silence for the victims and a minute of applause for the members of the relief and civil protection forces, also highlighted the corruption that occurred in the authorization of constructions who left deaths and suffering as happened in victims of the Rébsamen school.

“I would like to end by recalling that corruption is a cancer that costs human lives; Rébsamen is not forgotten. “After six years, there are only scapegoats behind bars, the guilt has been transferred to people who are not guilty, we are not talking about the real direct responsible for this tragedy,” he said. he declares.

In response, Arturo Roberto Hernández Tapiaof Brunetteindicated that corruption had been recorded in previous governments and accused that it was Miguel Ángel Mancera who authorized the construction of an additional floor for the Tlalpan school center which collapsed in 2027.

“I remind the forgetful deputies that 13 billion pesos from the national reconstruction program were stolen by the government of (Enrique) Peña Nieto, leaving thousands of Mexicans powerless, and that the opinions of the Rébsamen school were approved by their ally the head of government that time, (Miguel Ángel) Mancera,” he assured.

Before, the federal Labor Party MP, Jaime Baltierra Garcia He asked to put aside the political stunts of September 19 because it was a day of national mourning and to respect the victims of the earthquakes, but they ignored him.

With information from Elia Castillo.


Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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