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Hispanic family shot dead in Chicago, their dogs also shot

We do not know who could have murdered the family, nor the motive. Credits: WBBM.

It started with missing work, followed by phone calls to find out what was going on, and then social services visiting a family’s home as soon as they entered They discovered that the four members -two adults and two minors- had been beaten downjust like his three pets -dogs-. This happened last Sunday evening, September 17, in the neighborhood of Romeoville, IL50 kilometers from Chicago.

There are many unknowns surrounding this matter, police he only said that ruled out that it was a murder-suicide, that investigations continue and that the murderer is still at large. But in this quiet suburb, fear is what abounds, neighbors have told different media that they cannot even sleep peacefully.

Hispanic family murdered in their home

The Vvictims of the massacre were identified as Zoraida Bartolomei32 years old, her husband Alberto Rolon -also known as Roberto- and his two children, Adriel, 10 years old, and Diego, seven years old. Relatives of the family shot to death said they had no idea who would want to harm them and demanded answers from authorities about the crime.

For his part, the Police The shots are believed to have been fired between 9 p.m. on Saturday September 16 and 5 a.m. on Sunday the 17th, but neighbors say they did not hear any gunshots or other strange noises. Chris Burne, deputy chief of the Romeoville Police Department He asked local people to report anything suspicious that they might notice.

This is what the murdered family members looked like

Friends of Zoraida and Alberto, originally from Puerto Rico, described them as a hard-working family who were very happy to have been able to purchase their home five months ago. “Her children were the sweetest and most innocent angels who could drive away your worries,” reads a petition aimed at raising money for funeral expenses.

According to “CNN”, Both children attended RC Hill Primary School, according to a post from district Superintendent Rachel Kinder, who called their deaths a “senseless act of gun violence.” The educational institution is offering mental health resources and counseling to families who believe they may be feeling affected by the crimes, according to the post.

Zoraida’s family has spoken out on social media about the crimes, sharing photos of the four and writing emotional messages saying goodbye to the cosmetologist. Concerning her husband, it was reported that he worked in an alcoholic beverage warehouse, so far his relatives have not issued any messages.

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