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Killers of yesteryear murdered in prison, Billy Chemirmir terrorized women for years in the United States

Billy Chemirmir was 50 years old.Credits: special.

Billy Chemirmirthe famous serial murderer What cost the lives of more than 20 elderly peoplehe was murdered this September 19 in a prison from Texas, United States. The criminal was in prison to serve life imprisonment for homicide, after last year he was convicted for the deaths of two grandmothers. According to information from the Department of Criminal Justice, the “killer” was found dead in his cell this Tuesday morning; The inmate who shared a room with Chemirmir will be charged with homicide.

Hannah Haney, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said Chemirmir – 50 – was murdered by his cellmate, who was detained at the penitentiary center for the crime of homicide. However, the official did not reveal the name of the attacker and reserved details about the death of the “killer”. The authorities also indicated that Chemirmir faceLast year, accusations of assault against women elderly people in the region Dallas; the serial killer stole from his victims and later the killed in cold blood.

He murdered more than 20 grandmothers in Texas

The American media recalled that Chemirmir was arrested in 2018after entering a senior living community and attempted murder of 91-year-old woman of age; However, the grandmother survived and filed charges of attempted murder. The authorities deployed a muscular operation and as a result They caught the “mataviejitas” when he was parked on a beach near the crime scene; Chemirmir He was stopped in possession of jewelry, documents and objects in a box.

According to the uniformed officers who made the arrest, the items found in a box in Chemirmir were transported to the home of an elderly woman named Lu Thi Harris81 years old, who was found dead In his room. After the discovery, the “killer” went to trial, where he was found guilty of Harris’ death and that of Mary Brooks, another 87-year-old woman who was attacked in her home. However, authorities believe that the man was linked to at least 20 homicides elderly people, all in Texas.

Until his death, Chemirmir was held in prison and serving a sentence of two life sentences for 22 counts of murder. The man lived in the Coffield Unit prison in the Tennessee Colony, located about 100 miles southeast of Dallas. Because of his heinous crimes, The “maviejitas” had no chance of being released on parole. It is worth mentioning that currently the causes of his death, as well as the details of his homicide, are unknown.

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