From Kabah to the post of governor: who is Federica Quijano, the singer who wants to become the leader of Yucatán?

She acknowledged that she is not originally from Yucatán, although she lives and works in the entity.Credits: Photo: Elia Castillo and Jorge Almaquio Garçía

ready to go the musical group KabahJanine Patricia Quijano Tapia, better known as Federiqueannounced that on September 23 he would register for compete for the candidacy for the government of Yucatán by the Together We Make History coalition.

After the announcement of the call for applications this Tuesday in Morena nine governoratesthe federal representative of the Green Party, indicated that she will face everyone she has to face to give a voice to those who do not have one and will seek to promote her proposals of which, she declared, she is sure of their objectives.

“I don’t care if I have to fight anyone, because I have to give a voice to those of us who don’t have one, and I have to go against everything. Leave Kabah? Of course! Leave a “He feeds me every day, I’m going to leave him because my family comes first, the state comes first, the health of the Yucatecs comes first, and many other things come first”, a- he pointed out.

In an interview, Kabah member recognized that he is not from Yucatánalthough he has lived and worked in the entity since 2016, and even knows the different problems that Yucatecs suffer and face.

“I work, I live in Yucatán, my children study in Yucatán; my son’s rights were respected and that’s why I went to Yucatán, and today what do I want to do, since I have already visited 80% of the State and I know the problems that we have in terms of livestock, in terms of agriculture; all the problems of everything that fishermen experience, in all sectors”, said he added.

He acknowledged that the current municipal and state government he presides over PAN member Mauricio Vila did an incredible jobbut despite this he would like to compete because he assured that he could govern the entity and that he had a lot to say and do to improve life and deal with the abuses and inappropriate practices that still occur in the territory from Yucatan.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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