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Do you remember “Zombie Station”? Find out what “Seok-Woo’s” daughter looks like 7 years after the film’s release

“Zombie Station: Train to Busan” premiered 7 years ago and Gong Yoo’s daughter Kim Su An has grown up. Credits: Netflix

“Zombie Station: train to Busan” It was released 7 years ago and featured Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Seok And Kim Su-an. The plot tells the story of a father who goes to great lengths to protect his daughter from a viral infection that turns people into carnivorous undead. The epidemic is spreading very quickly and you will have difficulty staying safe.

The story was a hit in 2016 and remains one of the most popular films in the world to this day. Netflix. The little actress gained great recognition for her great talent and today, at 17 years old, she has become one of the Korean performers with great international projection.

Kim Su-an He made his debut in the entertainment industry at the age of five. Her first film appearance was in the film “Sorry, Thanks” in 2011. She also appeared in the films “Sprout” (2013), “Mad Sad Bad” (2014) and “Coin Locker Girl” (2015). .

In 2016, she played the daughter of Gong Yoo’s character in the hit apocalyptic horror film “Zombie Station: Train to Busan”. In 2017, she starred in the film “The Battleship Island”, playing the role of Hwang Jung-min’s daughter. She received the Best Supporting Actress award at the Build Film Awards.

Kim Su-an He has just finished his studies and will now pursue an acting career from a much more professional perspective. The actress is looking to make a place for herself in the world of international theater. Without a doubt, she will become a big-screen artist and be an ambassador of Korean theater.

Photos by Kim Su-an

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