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She denounced her ex several times until he shot her twice in the head and then committed suicide

The Belén femicide took place in a gymnasium.Credits: Twitter @marianaR31

Belen I had 26 years and repeatedly I went to the police lift a complaint against his ex partner Christian Allende10 years older than her, since he was constantly abused for him until could end the relationship; However, the attacker decided it was better kill her for later take your life in a femicide case.

He feminicide arrived in Tucuman, Argentinawhen the young woman Belén Saravia Ocampo went to gym Monday evening. The murderer arrived on the scene and without saying a single word he went directly to where his ex-partner was, he took out a gun and the Filming In Two occasions on the head to kill her instantly.

Femicide knew Belén since she was a child

After attacking the woman, Cristian Allende escaped from the gym leaving Belén lifeless, but moments later the body of killer he was found without vital signs. The harassment of Belén’s ex-partner was such that he even climbed onto the roofs surrounding the victim’s house to disturb her, the woman’s father said, according to local journalist Mariana Romero cited by TN.

Christian he became a boyfriend of Bethlehem since she was 13 major and he was already 23 years old, but the man’s attacks against the victim began in recent years. In such a way that Bethlehem did at least seven complaints against Cristian, but that wasn’t enough for the attacks to stop, so Belén decided to end the relationship.

Belén lived in fear

The harassment increased for Belén, so his father You rented an apartment in the center of the city so that Cristian doesn’t find her. The young woman lived quietly for a time, but stopped visiting her family because of the the terror I felt just imagining that he would meet his ex.

Belén discovered that Cristian had found her, and even He joined the same gym where did the young woman go? For this reason, Monday would be the last day Belén would go there to avoid meeting her ex-partner; However, she was discovered and shot twice in the head.

According to witnesses, Cristian ran out of the gym after trying to shoot himself in the same place, but the gun jammed. The body of the murderer would be found inside your house. Nancy OcampoBelén’s aunt, pointed out that her niece was overcome by the terror that Cristian caused her, which is why she could not approach her family and I didn’t say anything out of fear to the attacker who attacked his loved ones.

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Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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