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Baby trafficking: this is how the network that sold newborns for rituals for a thousand pesos worked

In this case, Andean authorities arrested 3 people Credits: Twitter / Latina

The people of Cusco in Peru They are in shock after, a few days ago, the National Police and the Public Ministry (MP) detected signs of an alleged minor trafficking network, mainly dedicated to the commercialization of newborns, including Their origin and whereabouts are still unknown. This organization operated in an obstetrics center located a few blocks from the historic center of said city.

By way of context, the member from Peru asked a the judge determines the preventive detention measure against three people involved in the case. They were part of an organization identified as “Imperials of San Jerónimo”. Among those involved who benefited from 9 months of preventive detention are Fanny Hurtado Altamirano and Doris Rosa Huayhua.

Likewise, the third person involved was identified as Rubén Moya, who was released after finding arbitrary detention. Obstetrics graduate Lizett Blanca Zambrano Huayhua is the fourth implicated.

What is the modus operandi of the child trafficking group?

According to information from the newspaper El Comercio, the criminal gang’s modus operandi was as follows. First, the minor was found at the clandestine obstetric center, then they contacted Lizett Zambrano, a high school graduate, who was dedicated to all the paperwork. She prepared the certificate and signed it, i.e. He did not confirm the origin or identity of the newborn’s birth mother.

During the investigation, local authorities found on the property payment documents from banking organizations, cash, telephone numbers, ultrasound accessories and an environment conducive to abortive procedures. There have even been reports of fetuses being sold for rituals.

Another factor that attracted attention is that if the baby had a deficiency, the defendants had the option of putting it to sleep, that is, killing it and getting rid of it. Investigations are underway to find the origin of babies and where their biological parents are.

Number of missing babies in Peru

Authorities revealed the ring recruited mothers who may have been desperate for financial reasons and did not want to have children. They captured them so they could give them to the newborns in illegal adoption through sale.

The Cusco Ombudsman’s Office revealed to local media the representing at least 299 missing minors of all ages up to 18 years old. For their part, figures from the National Police of Peru show that until June 2023, people have been registered. 4,779 minors untraceable.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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