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Paola Rojas shows off with the Netas Divinas in risky Las Vegas micro bikinis

The talented communicator is considered a fashion reference. Credits: IG: paolarojas

Paola Rojas He has attracted attention on social networks in recent hours because he made a publication with which he left all his fans speechless because it turns out that The beloved entertainer bragged about exuding beauty and style with the “Netas Divinas” during her latest trip to Las Vegas where they stole sighs with their most risque, as expected, the praise did not wait for the beloved presenters.

It’s via the official Instagram profile of Paola Rojas where a series of photos and videos were broadcast where the host presumed that took a pleasure trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with Natalia Téllez and Daniela Magun, who made the most of their stay in “Sin City” because, as we saw, they attended a concert, had a brief meeting with Alejandro Fernández, ate in the best restaurants and enjoyed the swimming pool of the luxurious hotel where they stayed.

The bikinis with which the “Netas Divinas” stole sigh

As expected, the postcards that had the greatest impact among Paola Rojas’ followers were those on which She showed off her spectacular figure and oozed style with some risque bikinis and in the case of Zague’s ex-wife, he used a black strappy two-piece swimsuit with multi-colored floral embroidery and even though she was able to show off her stylized figure without any problem, the journalist chose not to take off a flirty ruffled mini skirt that he used, however, provoked more than one sigh in the same way.

For its part, Daniela Magun captivated her fans with a risky yet stylish red trikini which was also of the halter type and was characterized by having a pronounced “V” neckline on the front, However, the driver was also very careful not to show too much and she He chose to use a long pareo also in redHowever, he was responsible for leaving a subtle opening that would allow her to show off her shapely legs.

As for the spectacular outfit that Natalia Tellez chosen to show off in Las Vegas, it was about a little yellow bikini that barely covered her, However, the former “Hoy” collaborator also used a dress made of lace fabric which, even if it generated transparency, allowed her to balance her outfit.

As expected, the publication made by Paola Rojas caused a stir on digital platforms, the proof is that In just a few hours, the postcards in question managed to accumulate more than 17,000 likes, Additionally, the comment box was filled with hundreds of compliments for the “Divine Nets”, which were made by their fans and even other showbiz celebrities who, apart from recognizing them for their overwhelming beauty, also highlighted their refined sense of fashion.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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