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What is the “Arc of Artemis”? This way you can avoid bad vibes, it is so effective that Rosalía and Danna Paola use it

There are more and more rituals to do at home to ward off negative energy that can affect a person’s mood or plans, but there is a gesture that is effective and is increasingly known as Rosalía or Danna Paola use in full scene with a simple gesture in the face of the attitude of some of his fans, it is a question of “arc of Artemis.

The esoteric and holistic world is gaining ground among new generations, who see the spiritual as a form of protection against what is not palpable and affects their emotions. From elaborate rituals that require all types of artifacts to simple gestures that provide instant protection and tranquility, warding off bad luck.

Who is Artemis?

Daughter of Zeus and Leto, In Greek mythology, Artemis is considered the goddess of the hunt and protector of the disadvantaged. The bow and arrow represent it for its connection with nature, hence the name of the gesture used by famous people like the aforementioned singers during their concerts in specific situations and who already reproduce part of their followers.

It is also associated as a protector at the time of childbirth. This is because Hera, wife of Zeus, discovered the infidelity with Leto and that she was pregnant. He also forbade Ilithia, goddess of childbirth, from helping him and began a persecution to prevent him from giving birth. The birth was therefore delayed for several days until Leto found a deserted island and the gods allowed it. have her daughter Artemiswho helped her with the birth of her twin brother Apollo.

How to make the “Artemis bow”?

He “bow of Artemis” It offers protection against negative energies and envy, in addition to warding off bad luck and returning damage with a simple gesture to the person who sent it by saying the phrase: “All the evil that you wished on me with the force of three times three comes back to you multiplied.

To do this, simply stop with safety in front of the person -near or far- who sends negative energy or speaks ill of those who wish to avoid it. The arms are placed simulating shoot an arrow by mentioning the above-mentioned phrase.


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