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The story of the helicopter pilot held hostage at Redoin Fayed’s trial: ‘I’m not a terrorist, I’m not a murderer, takes off’

It was on board the Collector that Redoin Faid and his accomplices took off 1Eh July 2018, during the escape, which led to the appearance of a repeat robber before the Assize Court of Paris: the Alouette II, a helicopter dating from 1956, which will have its place in the Aeronautical Museum. “It’s like pulling off a heist on Place Vendôme with a Traction Avant”The director of the investigation compared it to the audience.

On Monday, September 18, a tall, thin figure with a bald head appeared in a bar: Stephen Bai, 70, “Instructor at the Heli Club at Lognes Airfield”in Saint-Eu-Marne. 1Eh In July 2018, he was the pilot of the plane in which Redoin Faid took his seat. On Monday, he recalled the day he took part in this incredible escape against his will. Stephen Bai carefully reviewed his testimony, which should have allowed him to finally dispel the doubt that had been weighing him down for a while.

He therefore described the arrival at the airfield at 1Eh July 2018 Father and son introducing themselves ” Პatara “ – “Dad” was actually Rashid Fayed, Redouin’s older brother – who had already arrived twice in the previous weeks for short initiation flights. That morning they wanted to fly longer – an hour – and no longer on the Robinson R44, which has four seats – but on the Alouette II – which has five seats.

The first stop is in a neighboring field, a few minutes later, under the pretext of a bathroom break for the two passengers, and it was at this moment that Stephen Bai began to cry behind the wheel: “They came back each with a gun, pointed at me and explained that they wanted to go look for a friend in prison and I had better do my job well or they had someone at my house.” , and [qu’]Someone in my family would be killed. » Everything was accompanied by the sound of a shot in the head.

“armed with machine guns”

A few kilometers later there is a second stop, with a clearing, where “Son Lepetit” leaves the plane. “Two people dressed like RAID, hooded and armed with assault rifles” Join Rashid Fayed on board — one, prosecutors say, is the Fayeds’ nephew, co-defendant Isaac Heriz, who is contesting; The other has never been identified. Then a mechanical incident delayed the takeoff. “They thought I was having an accident. » The sound of gunfire came, the damage was hastily repaired, and there the Alouette sped toward Reo at 180 kilometers per hour and at a very low altitude, five to ten meters, to avoid radar and avoid collisions.

Source: Le Monde



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