CNTE teachers in Oaxaca protest against irregular schools

Protesters used a SUR bus and a tractor-trailer to block the Pan-American Highway, preventing passage to Chiapas state.Credits: José López

Teachers affiliated to article 22 of National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), protest with a road blockade at the Ostuta bridge, Oaxacato require that the school codes created by section 59 of the CNT and the Independent Union of Education Workers of Mexico (SITEM).

The protest takes place after State Institute of Public Education of Oaxaca (IEEPO), returned the keys to these irregularly created schools, as announced by the demonstrators.

“It is a conflict of certain modules that do not fit within the limits set by the coverage of schools, it is a technical high school in El Morrito, it is a Telesecundaria in San Francisco del Mar, there is a SITEM module “, declared José Ángel Pineda Santiago, head of Section 22 of the CNT in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

They said they were further demanding that payments be canceled to education workers who were placed in these irregular educational modules, since they work in a space where they have no official mission.

Previous governments left the problems

They explained that also on this day of protest, they demand the reconstruction of schools that have still not received support since 2017, and they demand the delivery of school uniforms.

“This is a conflict that the previous governments”, and the current government intends to legitimize these modules, but the fellow members of Section 22 in the eastern part of the Isthmus have agreed that they will maintain this protest indefinitely, so that these codes are not granted”, a- he declared.

Protesters used a bus SOUTH line and a tractor truck, to block the Pan-American Highway, thus preventing passage to the state of Chiapas, which is why many people are affected by this protest.


Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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