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Ángela Aguilar: they explain in detail the possible reasons why the singer no longer connects with her audience

Lately, it seems that the popularity of angela aguilar He collapsed when he was considered on the list of the 300 most influential Mexicans. It seems that since he dared to point out that part of her is Argentinian (when the Qatar 2022 World Cup), no one forgave her anymore and every time she posts on social media they jokingly and reluctantly remind her.

Given this decline suffered by the singer, the tiktoker identified as Mr Branding was given the task of carrying out an in-depth analysis of the interpreter of “La Llorona” arguing that the comment she made on her origins is only the tip of the line. iceberg. It is true that she has an impressive voice that almost instantly took her to the peak of popularity, in addition to being supported by one of Mexico’s most beloved dynasties.

At this speed influencers talent is not the problem angela aguilar, but his attitude, which turned out to be very arrogant, in addition to having presented an inconsistency with his actions and statements. In this case, he pointed out that the problem comes from being sold with a 100% Mexican identity, but he behaves differently.

As for his way of acting, he pointed out that he has a way of speaking that does not go with the majority of his public: “if I were his public image consultant, I would say to him: ‘friend, take this potato you have in your mouth, because the potato in the mouth has also ceased to be used in the last decade,” he mentioned.

Pepe Aguilar doesn’t help his daughter much

Mr Branding pointed out that even grandpa aguilar He hasn’t helped his daughter Ángela much, no matter how much he comes out to defend her in his own style. He recalled that he also had many arrogant attitudes, such as when he pointed out that he didn’t need the public. “I would say to my father, ‘Mr Pepe Aguilar, don’t talk so much anymore because you’re over there kicking my career’. As a public figure, you have to realize that these concert halls voids must be a repercussion of something you are not doing so well,” the tiktoker said.

Advice that could help Ángela Aguilar

Although from the start the influencers He assured that he had nothing against Angela Aguilarnor his family, have also taken it upon themselves to give him a series of advice so that his career does not continue to be affected.

Release a statement or do a show where you apologize for your attitude where people may feel offended.

  • Avoid this Pepe Aguilar talk about your career through a clause.
  • Downsize your “cosmopolitan” lifestyle
  • Work on your voice, because “she talks like a spoiled girl”.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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