Home World News Vanessa Claudio: 5 photos that confirm all the beauty that Uriel Estrada fell in love with

Vanessa Claudio: 5 photos that confirm all the beauty that Uriel Estrada fell in love with

Vanessa Claudio: 5 photos that confirm all the beauty that Uriel Estrada fell in love with

The drivers show great chemistry in the box. Credits: FB @alextremotv

vanessa claude and his partner in “To the Extreme”, Uriel EstradaThey are one of the couples in the photo that many ask to see together, so for some time in the evening program there have been situations with which they try to unite them, and no one can deny that the host is a beauty that he could to fall in love to anyone, as confirmed by Pictures which he shares on his social networks.

After being away from Mexico for several years, it was in January 2022 that the beautiful presenter returned to join the TV show Azteca, an opportunity she said she was happy about, and it has been several months since fans have been protesting to please that. Claudio and Estrada They give each other the opportunity to have a relationship, although the Puerto Rican recently sent him to the ‘friendzone’.

Vanessa Claudio, the beauty who falls in love

The beautiful 39-year-old presenter who rose to fame in Mexico as part of the cast of “come joy”She flaunts her curvaceous figure with the most beautiful looks, perfect outfits to conquer viewers and fans in her official accounts, because with each of her publications she gains thousands of likes and so does even on the platforms of the program which leads, where is a favorite.

claudiowho has modeled for the cover of renowned magazines such as Max and H, explains with her photographs on the networks why she is one of the darlings of the public, since she has consolidated a career as a host of recognized shows and s asserts herself as a fashionista, since she is a fashion reference for women over 30, as evidenced by her looks in fitted dresses, miniskirts and others.

The Puerto Rican native, who was the official reporter for Exatlón México in the 2018 edition, captivates her 2.5 million fans in instagramand thousands more in the accounts of ” To the extreme”, with the outfits he shows in the program and which are then reproduced in Pictures where she poses in style with the most chic outfits, arousing a large number of reactions, because she is definitely a very beautiful woman.

Before coming to Mexican television, she participated in the Miss Intercontinental 2006 contest, in which she did not win the crown, but was the first runner-up and won the Miss Congeniality award. It was her interest in television for which she entered the Center for Studies in Actors Training Azteca (Cefat), which led her to be one of the most beloved and well-known animators in the world. ‘morning show’come joy”.

The beautiful presenter left the TV program Azteca to try her luck in the United States and other countries, and returned at the beginning of 2022, showing herself as happy to return to the television channel which gave her her first opportunities. , and she expressed it on her social networks, where she assured that she was nervous about the new stage that was about to begin in “To the extreme”, a program in which he did an excellent dumbbell with Uriel Estradawho recently declared that they were friends but there is a great complicity.

Uriel Benjamín Estrada Miranda, 37, has been with TV Azteca since he was 18, when he became a trainee. He studied for a degree in communication sciences and was a journalist for the sports source, then he was the host of “Hechos Meridiano Guerrero”, where he was promoted to chief information officer and reached the position of director of television news in Guerrero.

He is currently in charge of directing the television news “Ahora Más Noticias”, broadcast by A Más, a job that he combines with “To the extreme”, since recently it was rumored that it will be angry, without embargo, the supuesta salida nunca se concreto. a year.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico


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