Home World News Pope Francis cancels schedule due to illness, Vatican reports

Pope Francis cancels schedule due to illness, Vatican reports

Pope Francis cancels schedule due to illness, Vatican reports

You could be suffering from a strong infection, since this inflammatory response is only triggered by the presence of a virus.Credit: AP

The 86-year-old Sovereign Pontiff had to cancel his entire schedule due to temperature rise what was reported this Friday morning, Pope Francis presented a table febrile which only occurs when the immune system from the body he wants to defend himself of one infectious virus. The news was announced by a spokesperson for the Vatican this Friday, May 26, who explained that:

“Due to a feverish state, Pope Francis did not receive an audience this morning,” said Holy See spokesman Matteo Bruni, without specifying what the program planned by the Argentine pontiff for the morning.

No other details of his condition were given.

Matteo Bruni, who is in charge of the press office from the vatican explained the condition of his holiness, but did not deepen in the details who made it have fever. It only looked like This morning not sent to media the traditional agenda of dad francisco and only a few minutes later, we learned that they had been suspended their activities. Let us remember that last Thursday afternoon the Pope attended an act of the Scholas Foundation, in which he was seen in good shape. He spoke with the latin american mayors and other personalities no problem.

The pope was hospitalized with acute pneumonia.

We must take into account that in the end Of March this year, the Sovereign Pontiff was hospitalized for a acute pneumonia. He was treated in hospital Gemelli of Rome For “acute pneumonia” as he explained during the flight feedback of his trip to Hungary.

“What I had was I felt bad after the hearing, I didn’t want to eat and I fell asleep, but I didn’t pass out, I just had a high fever. “, explained the pope, when asked about the reasons for his three years of hospitalization at the Polyclinic Gemelli in Rome.

He also added that his body was able to react well in treatment, this while all journalists they traveled with him In the plane. At dad francisco it took him three days leave the hospital and immediately continued with his busy schedule, in fact, he did not entirely neglect the commemorations of Holy Week. It should be noted that during your admission to hospital, he Vatican explained that Jorge Mario Bergoglio suffered a bronchitis of infectious basis, it was therefore applied a treatment of antibiotic infusion intravenously, and first day in hospital his health presented a “improvement” outstanding.

This occasion went down in history as the second time may the holy father enter Gemeli Hospital, Well, the first took place in the past. July 4, 2021, when it was operated colon and stayed in the hospital for 10 days. Since then the dad francisco also suffered right knee problem it forces you walk with a cane either with wheelchair and repeatedly assured that you don’t want to operate.

With information from AFP and EFE*

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico


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