Home World News “Making fantasies come true”: Sugey Ábrego blew up Instagram in lingerie and a silk bathrobe

“Making fantasies come true”: Sugey Ábrego blew up Instagram in lingerie and a silk bathrobe

“Making fantasies come true”: Sugey Ábrego blew up Instagram in lingerie and a silk bathrobe

The model received dozens of compliments from her fans. Credits: IG: sugyabregotv

Sugey Abrego She has been drawing attention on social media for the past few hours as she posted a post on Instagram in which she clearly explained why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in all of show business, as it turns out as the talented actress and host showed why earned the nickname “The VIP Queen” with its exclusive content caused multiple sighs with an impressive set of lingerie and a silk dressfor which, as expected, praise was showered by “the former meteorologist”.

As said before, it is thanks to his official Instagram profile that Sugey Abrego makes the publication in question, with whichgave a taste of the exclusive material he publishes on his VIP platform and on OnlyFansalso alleged that he was doing personalized content in an effort to encourage his fans to subscribe and take advantage of these benefits.

“Fulfilling fantasies for my ‘global sweet tooth’…get ready!” was the text he wrote Sugey Abrego in his publication where he also announced that already working on an “immersive experience” With what, she intends to revolutionize the creation of exclusive content because her subscribers will be able to interact with her virtually whenever they want, according to what she herself confided a few months ago.

For this postcard, Sugey Abrego She posed standing from a luxurious room and rested one of her knees on an armchair, which made her adopt a pose more than sensual, as well she wore a seductive burgundy lace lingerie set which made him steal thousands of sighs, moreover, over it he wore a silk robe which added a touch of distinction to its spectacular look and to finish I was wearing a pair of fuchsia sneakers.

As expected, the release of Sugey Abrego has caused a stir among the more than 1.1 million subscribers he has in the popular camera application, the proof of this is that In just a few hours, her post managed to rack up nearly 30,000 likes.Moreover, the accolades were not long in coming and the comment box was filled with compliments from their fans and even other show business celebrities.

“The most beautiful of all”, “A real dream”, “A goddess”, “Perfection made woman”, “A real candy”, “The queen of queens”, “Each day more beautiful”, “Like the good wines” and “Simply divine”, were some of the compliments received by Sugey Ábrego, who, in addition to succeeding on digital platforms, participates in the staging called “Let’s make love in peace”, where for the first time in his entire career, he agreed to look natural.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico


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