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From Fairs to World No. 1: The Truth Behind Featherweight Fame

From Fairs to World No. 1: The Truth Behind Featherweight Fame

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, “Lightweight” either “The Double P” whatever they call it, what’s relevant about the young man is that he’s known around the world and has made millions gravitate towards the regional Mexican genre, a sound that the it was thought reserved for a part of the population, but now breaks the boundaries thanks to its exhibitors.

2023 is the year in which the “corridos tumbados” and the “corridos warriors” became famous, because, although for years several singers have dedicated themselves to presenting lyrics with a strong content where double-meaning phrases appear, references to drug trafficking and even names of kingpins searched around the world, the songs are now among the top positions on the popularity charts of various countries.

This is what happens with Lightweighta young man from 23 years (June 15, 1999) who was born in Zapopan, Jalisco and climbed until he reached the taste of the people and became the most listened to Mexican artist in the world, his success is attributed to many factors such as controversy and revival.

The real reason for Featherweight’s success

In interview with The digital heraldAlejandro Grageda, leader of Mexico’s artist and label partnerships, said the real reason Featherweight has been able to outshine artists with great experience, who are highly renowned in Mexico and other territories, is its proximity to the new generations.

“He had already been working for a few years, he stood out and it was very obvious when the collaboration with Luis R (“Siempres en attendant” 2022) happened, he has an impressive talent, very unique I imagine that his way of being, let’s call it his ‘swag’ identifies with new generations and well, he has over 41.3 million monthly listeners, he’s number 59 in the world and he’s number four with the more streams in the world, six songs are in the Spotify Top 50 and two of them in the top three,” Grajeda explained.

He also alluded to the versatility of LightweightAlthough he performs in corridos, he also merges with urban rhythms, a bet that remains valid within the Mexican regional and that several celebrities have launched, but without a doubt he has worked for “Double P” and the numbers prove it.

Alexandre Gragueda He doesn’t consider it a “phenomenon” as many think, but he thinks it’s the accumulation of all the disciplined work he’s done with his team and with other platforms. such as Spotify, which he assures has been with the young man from the start of his career in the industry.

“I would call it the result of very disciplined work, work with lots of ideas and great clarity in what he wants to do as a career, some would call it luck,” he added.

Getting to the top, a double edged sword

Critics are present in the career of Lightweightone of the things that sets him apart the most is his different voice, a unique intonation, but at the same time similar to the late Valentín Elizalde, his way of dressing different from what he is known for or the way he has been identified as a grupero, his taste for jewelry and designer clothes or the haircut for which he is already imitated.

Lightweight He also confessed at different times that he wanted to be a footballer when he was a teenager and entered the basic forces of Chivas, although he was always loyal to the Atlas team, but he left this dream to become an exhibitor. of the Mexican regional, something that He filled his heart and his wallet, since it is presumed that he earns millions with his tour.

Fighting for privacy, but rumors abound

His family is one of the things he has had the hardest time keeping secret, the public has been tasked with investigating the people who gave him life, it is now known that his mother is from Sinaloa and that her name is Ruby Laija Diazin various videos he showed his face, in addition, the star said that he was very grateful for his support.

while his father is Hassam Kadame ToledoSome things had been speculated about him due to the alleged cases attributed to him, in which hotel investments and even drug trafficking stand out, but none of this has been proven, it should be noted that he was seen absent at his son’s events.

Another thing that came out recently is that Pepe Garza mentioned that Featherweight has a character related to drug dealing as his grandfather, the producer mentioned that he’s the grandson of a gunman named Pedro Eleodoro Cázares Laija, known as Eleodoro Elenes and who is even the character of a corrido played by Chalino Sánchez.

Featherweight has also been involved in drug problems, there are recordings on social networks in which it is assured that the performer of songs like “AMG” in a duet with Natanael Cano uses substances harmful to his health. He was also not spared from problems related to his love situation and he rubbed shoulders with models, singers and influencers although none have been officially presented.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico


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