VIDEOS | He went to the dentist for a cleaning and half of his face was paralyzed: what happened?

A regular dental appointment has become a tragic moment after the patient was left with half of her face paralyzed due to poor practice when placing the anesthesia. The woman had made an appointment with her doctor forever make a Monthly report and deep cleaning but the request ended incorrectly.

And it is that the patient has placed all her trust in a dentist that apparently he was inexperienced because when the doctor injected him with the anesthesia he made a mistake and injected into the trigeminal nerve which resulted in half of his face being paralyzed so that for several minutes he could not close his right eye, nor close half of his mouth.

The persons concerned, whose identity is unknown left the office and was quite surprised to notice what had happened, even he was afraid to see her face that way, though he assumed it was the sedative.

“He looked like the Grinch”

But despite the highlight, the young woman from Nashville, TN she took the situation with humor, because even though she was scared, what she experienced seemed funny to her, so she took out her phone and started recording herself while imitating the famous character graybecause he assured that his voice it sounded exactly the same.

I went to the dentist for a deep cleaning. When they numbed me, they hit a nerve and my face started freezing instantly. I saw myself in the bathroom mirror and couldn’t help but laugh. The whole right side of my face went numb.. and left me unable to close my right eye or the right side of my mouth. Naturally, I had to try to emulate the Grinch,” the woman said.

That’s what happened

According to experts, when they are in the dental nerve anesthesia inferior penetrates with the needle behind the ascending branch, the solution is injected into the parotid gland, with this appears facial paralysis which will last as long as the last anesthesia.

The paralysis can be immediate or progressive; in the immediate type the paralysis occurs in the first minutes after the injectionrecovering function when the anesthetic effects have disappeared,about 3 hours or less. While the delay may appear several hours or several days after the injection.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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