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Karely Ruiz and the Santa Fe Klan kiss in concert, Maya Nazor has already answered them

Maya has already launched a response to her ex’s kiss with Karely RuizCredits: Photo: Special

Last night night, Angel Jair Quezada best known only as Santa Fe Klan appeared in the macrofesyou in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, show in which he had a very special guest, we talked about Karely Ruizwho he played with in a great time.

And that’s it, the rapper born in Guanajuato During his presentation in Monterrey, he invited the sultry and successful star of fans onlywe are clearly talking about Karely Ruiz to whom after performing one of the most special songs for Santa Fe Klan they ended up giving each other a passionate kiss.

Maya Nazor sends a message to Karely and the Sante Fe Klan

After the passionate kiss that was given in front of thousands of people in Monterrey, the rumors did not stop that if Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan They already have a romance or if it’s just part of a strategy for the rapper’s next song the OnlyFans star is in on.

Although not yet Santa Fe Klan or Karely Ruiz confirm or refute his alleged Romancethe rapper and the model shared a series of photos on social media where they appear very close and wrote short messages, which followers of the two stars say are part of the new born in theme Guanajuato.

While this may all just be an advertising strategy, the ex-partner And mother of Santa Fe Klan son already reacted, because the always beautiful Maya Nazor shared a video that could be a clue to the identity of her friend Karely Ruiz.

And that’s it, it’s through their Instagram stories that Maya Nazor He shared a video where you can read a message that many believe is dedicated to his ex and Karely Ruiz.

“You can’t control anyone’s actions, loyalty comes from the heart,” Maya Nazor’s post read.

It should be noted that until the writing of this note, this is all that Maya Nazor posted after the kiss between Karely Ruiz And Santa Fe Klan It went viral on social media.

They blame the Santa Fe Klan for dedicating a song to Karely Ruiz

In addition to the kiss with the OnlyFans star, Santa Fe Klan I sang the theme “Sea and Land”the same that he first wrote and dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Maya Nazor and her son Luka.

Faced with this, the singer’s followers ask him to respect the song he dedicated to the mother of his son and not to sing it to another woman, some even say that the rapper has “upset”.

While other followers of SSanta Fe Klan They ask those who criticize him to “relax” because now the rapper is already he is single and free to kiss and sing their songs to whoever they want the most.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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